Wear Your Hair Up This Summer!

Bring Out Your Dazzling Hair This Summer

I look like a boy when my hair is up so as much as possible I hate putting my locks on any kind of up do. Okay, okay. I don’t hate it. I absolutely hate it. The only time I put it up is when I’m on sports mode but even then, I make sure I have my earrings and my extra hair blings on so the referree wouldn’t direct me to the men’s field.

Summer Up Dos

I’m sure many of you share the sentiment. But ladies, I’m sure you will also agree that there are just some days when an up do will be far better than a hair on loose! Summer, for instance, is just the worse season for showing off those luscious locks! It’s just so hard to enjoy a good time on the beach when your hair is all over your sweaty neck and face. So here are a number of up do styles that will still be girly enough to get the attention of the surfer boy you’ve been eyeing out. Try a couple. Maybe you’ll even have a change of heart (or NOT!) about up dos in general.

Milkmaid Braid

Hollywood A-listers have been seen sporting this do. Instead of a crown of flowers, stars like Sienna Miller and Emma Watson have been spotted with a crown of braided hair just like milkmaids. Looks complicated but it’s fairly simple to do. Frenchbraid hair starting from your right ear. Continue until you reach the end of the section that’s no longer attached to your head. Secure with elastic. Lay this unattached braided section along the inner rim of the french braid and secure with pins.

Top Knot Ponytail

Yes it’s a top knot and ponytail in one. Diane Kruger sported the do on a recent red carpet moment…which explains why it’s now one of the must-try up dos of the season! Try it at home by putting your hair on a ponytail. Before wrapping the elastic with your hair, put your pony tail over the elastic to create the knot.

Ponytail with French Braid

To give your ponytail a twist, do french braids on both sides of your head until you reach the section that’s no longer attached to the scalp. Secure the remaining mane with an elastic to make a ponytail.

Top Knot with French Braid

French braid seems like a staple on our list, probably because it gives any up do a girlier, classier feel and we all want that! Do a french braid starting from your nape. When you reach the part that’s no longer attached to your head, make a top knot from it and secure with an elastic band.

There are a couple of tutorials online to make other interesting braids. My more important tip, however, is to take care of your hair, of course. Any hairstyle will not work if your working on damaged hair. Moisturize regularly. I recommend natural hair conditioners like Argan Oil. This miracle oil from Morocco is packed with nutrients that will give you healthier looking hair. Whether you’re wearing it up or down, Argan oil will definitely give your hair the needed “umph”.

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