Wear Your Locks in an Exciting Colour!

Greet the new season with a new hair colour! So what colour is hot for this season? Check out these trendy hair colours that some of the most popular celebritis are sporting this fall!

  • Black Cherry-like If you’ve seen the movie Hunger Games then you would notice how hot Jennifer Lawrence was with her hair in black cherry-like tone. The fall season calls for a darker tone.
  • Ash Blonde Fergie is rockng an ash blond tone that really makes her stand out. The trick to pull off this hair tone is having a darker base with a lighter shade put over. The great thing about this hair colour is that you won’t have to worry much about maintaining the tone! Even when your hair is growing out, the resulting look would still make it seem natural or in this case done in purpose.
  • Deep Strawberry Blonde! Mad Men star Christina Hendricks is definitely sizzling and attention grabbing with her top hair sporting a strawberry blonde tone with the rest of her locks gradually turning into a rich red colour!
  • Caramel Highlights! The tv series SMASH is a smash hit indeed and its star Katharine McPhee is definitely smashing in her caramel highlights! McPhee with her natural darker hair tone gets a softer look with caramel highlights!
  • A Bit of Red Twilight die hard fans are of course very familiar with Ashley Greene. Playing the character Alice Cullen in Twilight, her beauty is undeniable. And with the hair colour she is sporting, many are sure going to be stunned! Ashley Greene, like several other celebrities are putting a bit of red tone in their locks. At first you would not notice the red tone in her locks but with just a lighting change or even a slight motion, her dark locks would turn to auburn!
  • Rich Sandy Blonde Who’s afraid of the walking dead? Certainly not Sarah Polley! The Dawn of the Dead star is certainly rocking the rich sandy blonde tone! This richer tone is much more apt for the colder months!
  • Heavy Highlights For those with dark or almost black locks, heavy highlights would be the best tone for you this season. The star of the movie “Blind Side” Liliy Collins is definitely rocking this tone. If you don’t want to go for a full blast red hair colour then the heavy highlights is definitely a great choice!
  • Clear Gloss The TV series “The News Room” is getting much attention these days and Olivia Munn is definitely one character to look out for in this series. Although we love seeing her in her dark locks, its that shine in her locks that gives her crowning glory an extra ooommmph!

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