What Cucumber Can Do for Your Skin

Most of us are familiar with cucumbers as one of the nutritious components of our salads, but they can also be used to improve the natural state of our skin.

Belonging to the same family as squash (pumpkins and zucchinis are essentially a cucumber’s cousins), the cucumber sports a dark green skin, which alone is a good sign for nutrition. The flesh is light green, almost white and is perfectly edible.

Facilitates healing
Cucumbers contain a number of helpful vitamins and minerals. One of its minerals is silica which is a substance that strengthens connective tissue. Ascorbic acid is also a significant component of cucumbers, as it helps hasten healing of tissue damage. In addition, other natural salts and enzymes make cucumbers extremely effective in cell growth and repair. Add this to its high antioxidant content and you’ve got a real winner.

Prevents water retention
Cucumbers also have plenty of caffeic acid, which helps reduce water retention (usually caused by too much sodium intake). This is why if you have puffy or dark circles under your eyes, applying thinly sliced cucumber strips on your eyes will help relieve the discomfort (like they do in the movies—and yes, this actually works). These circles are caused by too much water retention in a part of the body that has thin fat layers, making them extremely visible. Cucumbers may also help relieve burns and dermatitis.

Makes a great beauty mask
If you’re a fan of nightly beauty masks, consider adding in some grated cucumber to your regular mix, as this often works as a soothing mask and tonic for the face. You can also apply it on your neck if you like. When combined with Argan oil, direct application of cucumber pulp to the skin will reduce dry, dull skin and work on damaged tissues that need repairing, not to mention unleash a load of antioxidants that Argan oil is also rich in. Plus, the cooling effect of cucumbers on your skin alone is very soothing.

Promotes cleansing
Cucumbers are alkaline and boast of having high water content. These give them the ability to cleanse the body of cellular debris and toxins. Individuals with arthritis may find relief from cucumbers, due to the latter’s ability to remove uric acid. Cucumbers also contain plenty of fiber, potassium and manganese, thereby regulating both digestion and blood pressure to normal rhythms. Because it also contains magnesium, cucumbers help relax nerves and muscles.

Great for dieting
If you’re watching your figure, cucumbers will help you not gain any more pounds. They are extremely low in calorie. Aside from applying them directly to skin, you can add them to your regular meals without worrying about extra calories manifesting on your scale.

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