What Every Hair Freak Should Know About Argan Oil!

The importance of hair and how people look at you because of your hair is not a new phenomenon. Especially in women, having beautiful hair would play a big part in the equation of defining their beauty. A lustrous head of hair connotes feelings of femininity, masculinity, youthfulness, and health. That is the reason why more and more people, men included, put a great value to their hair and hair care. If you are a hair freak like most people are, here are some of the facts about a superb oil used for hair to make it look and feel better.

Argan Oil Facts:

  • 100% argan oil is 100% natural. What this means is that it does not contain any artificial ingredients or synthetic additives making it safe for most hair and scalps, causing less reactions to sensitivity.
  • Rich in both vitamin E and Omega fatty acids, argan oil will surely revitalize and nourish dry and frizzy hair.
  • Repairing of cellular membranes in hair is brought about by essential fatty acids found in argan oil.
  • Argan oil also helps color treated hair. Essential fatty acids found in argan oil coats and smoothens the follicle shaft. This ability to smoothen and coat the follicle shaft allows for the life of hair color to last longer in hair.
  • Omega 6 which is also found in argan oil is very beneficial in a sense that it not only helps nourish dry scalp, but better, it protects your hair from extreme environmental stressors.
  • Also rich in Omega 9, argan oil helps improve hair strength and health.
  • On the other hand, vitamin E is a known powerful antioxidant that helps fight free radicals that damage hair over time.
  • Vitamin E also helps with circulation, helping hair nutrients keep hair healthy.
  • Because vitamin E may be retained in the epidermis for up to 6 mos., vitamin E benefits brought about by argan oil can extend for a longer period of time.
  • Argan oil is not greasy and it is easily absorbed by the hair.
  • It is an excellent product that can lock in moisture successfully, making hair shiny.
  • Argan oil easily penetrates the hair shaft, quickly improving hair follicle elasticity and amplifies nourishment.

Raw argan oil or 100% argan oil is known to have high concentrations of vitamin E which is extremely useful in the human body including the hair. This type of argan oil is also rich in fatty acids, about 80%, that are more defiant to oxidation making its benefits last longer. Fatty acids such as palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid are extremely beneficial to the hair as it helps store vital nutrients to keep hair healthy and shiny.

Hair is indeed an important aspect in one’s everyday life. Hair product manufacturers and hair salons make a ton of money because people give how their hair looks like a whole lot of value. Well if you really value your hair, give argan oil a try and experience its many benefits first hand!

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