What Every Woman Should Know About Growing Long Nails

Proper Nail Care Can Keep Your Nail Healthy
There are a lot of women who find it difficult to grow their fingernails long. Truthfully, there is a science to growing long, beautiful, and healthy nails. This is because not everyone is born with strong nails that can automatically be grown long. Some find it more difficult than others. If you’re a woman or would just want to grow your nails long, here are some tips on how you can achieve those beautiful nails without difficulty. Beautiful and well-kept long nails right at your fingertips! Literally.


Eating a healthy diet with lots of protein, Vitamin A, folic acid, zinc, calcium and vitamin B12 would help you to grow your nails long and strong. It’s one thing to grow your nails long and another to have long nails that don’t easily tear and break. So if you would want both long and strong nails, look to find these nutrients in your diet. A healthy serving of almonds may give you a boost too as almonds are rich in fatty acids.


In growing your nails long you have to consider moisturizing your nails as this would help your nails become strong. You see, when your fingernails are dry, they tend to become brittle and weak. Also, when nails are dry, they are more prone to chipping and tearing easily. So make it a habit to moisturize your fingernails just as you would you hair and your skin. This would definitely help you grow those beautiful, long, and strong nails.


Argan oil is probably the best kept secret when it comes to long nails. Rich in fatty acids, argan oil works like almonds would – only better. This oil that comes from Morocco has rich contents of fatty acids like Omega 6 and 9 that work best to give the nutrients your nails need. Not only this, argan oil is a wonder moisturizer. You hit 2 birds with one product. Give your nails the nutrients and the moisturizing it needs with a few drops of argan oil massaged daily onto nails.


Filing your fingernails regularly will be a good way for you to keep nails in good shape. File properly though as the wrong way of filing your nails could be more disastrous. The corners of each nail should be filed properly so that nails will not become weak. Take notice of the corners of your nails so that it won’t be prone to chipping.


Use your nails properly. Your nails are not tools. They are part of your body that holds important roles such as protecting the fingertips. Avoid poking your nails, using them to scrape things, opening various cans and what have you. If you’d like your nails to grow strong, use your nails healthily. The nails are an important part of the body. Aesthetically, if you would want to grow your nails long, you should. Just look into these tips to make your journey to having long nails a success. Look into your diet, moisturize, use argan oil, file your nails, and use your nails properly!