What’s the Buzz on Argan Oil?

The beauty industry is all praises and head over heels in love with Argan oil. With its nickname “Moroccan miracle oil”, it is definitely held in such a high pedestal which is of course well deserved. So what is this oil and why is it creating a big buzz? Argan oil has 80% essential fatty acids which are useful in reducing inflammation and Squalene, which is helpful in keeping the skin soft. This miracle oil from Morocco also has Phytosterols which serves as collagen protection and phenolic compounds which prevent free radicals from harming the body. These components make the oil a gift from the gods to those who love to keep their skin healthy and beautiful. Unwanted wrinkles and lines are avoided with regular application of this oil.

Top Benefits of Argan Oil

  • With its high content of fatty acids that are unsaturated, it is a great moisturizer for the face, hands and body. If you have cracked or dry skin then applying the oil to the skin will soften it.
  • The oil is also useful for pregnant women. Many pregnant women will have stretch marks during and after pregnancy. With regular application of the Moroccan miracle oil to the skin, stretch marks are prevented. Stretch marks also occur when one starts gaining weight. If you feel like you are tipping the scale a little heavier or whether you are working on to gain weight then you should apply this oil to your thighs, stomach and arms to prevent stretch marks from appearing.
  • It also helps in lightening scars and acne marks.
  • This oil is also known to balance the production of sebum. The overproduction of sebum is the cause of having oily hair or skin and also acne. The good news is this oil is known to not block pores.
  • Because this oil is naturally rich in Vitamin E this can help in relieving you from irritable symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions.
  • If you want soft cuticles or nails then just apply them on your nails overnight.
  • The oil can also be used as a hair conditioner because of its moisturizing properties. Also if you are having problems with split ends this oil can help get rid of such hair issue.
  • Dirt and dust mixing with the natural oil produced in the scalp can cause you to experience itchiness of the scalp. You can use this oil to help reduce the uncomfortable itchiness. Apply the oil to your scalp and use a warm towel to wrap your head with for 30 minutes or all through the night to get rid of the itchiness in your scalp. Since it has moisturizing properties you can also use this as well in bringing back moisture to your dry scalp.
  • Babies have sensitive skin and they can easily get irritated. Because of their sensitive skin it is better to use this natural oil than most baby oils that are chemically based to treat their skin irritation.
  • Add a tasteful flavour to vegetable salads, fish and meat dishes with this oil!