What to Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnant Women Should Be Very Careful Of Themselves

Pregnancy is a delicate condition every woman should take extra notice of. When pregnant, remember that a woman is looking after two individuals. She is looking after herself and her unborn child. Of course if she’s having twins, triplets, or quadruplets then she’s looking after more. The point is that pregnancy should not be taken lightly. Women who are pregnant should always try to be careful of the things they do and the things they eat. Here are a few examples of things to avoid when one is pregnant. These will help both the mother to be and the child or children to be.


Among the many restrictions food is probably of the highest in priority. As you may well know, what you eat will greatly affect your child’s health because your child will be getting the same nutrients you are getting. There are certain foods you should be avoiding as well. Here is a list:

  • Avoid seafood that has high mercury content. Not all seafood should be avoided because a lot of seafood is rich in protein and essential fatty acids that are wonderful for pregnant women. Only take extra notice of those that contain high mercury that may damage your baby’s nervous system. Among this seafood you must avoid swordfish, tilefish, shark, and the king mackerel. They are high in mercury and therefore should be avoided while pregnant.
  • Avoid raw and undercooked food. When you are pregnant you have to be extra careful that you will not be passing on contaminated food to your baby. Pay extra attention to news advisories concerning seafood warnings. Some of the foods you need to avoid while pregnant are raw fish and shellfish, refrigerated raw seafood, and polluted seafood and shellfish. Make sure you cook your food properly.
  • Avoid unwashed fruits and vegetables. In the same manner any pregnant woman should be extra careful of the fruits and vegetables she eats. Make sure they are washed properly to avoid harmful bacteria. Damaged portions should be removed and thrown away.
  • Avoid undercooked poultry, meats, and eggs. Getting food poisoning or taking in bacteria will be avoided when food is cooked well. There are a lot of food-borne illnesses that should be avoided when pregnant.


Clothing should also be taken into priority when pregnant. Among the restrictions include:

  • Avoid tight fitting clothes as your body will expand until you give birth. Wearing lose clothing will also make it easier for your body to breathe. Be prepared to get clothes 3 or 4x times bigger than your original size.
  • Avoid high heels and clogs. Aside from being uncomfortable to wear, these shoes are unsafe. You must always keep your balance when standing or walking so keep wearing those flats.

Worry about stretch marks

An expanding belly would also mean expanding skin. This sudden expansion often brings stretch marks. To avoid this you must use natural beauty products to help you. One great stretch marks preventive measure to do is to apply argan oil on belly regularly. Argan oil is rich in antioxidants that help to keep skin firm and elastic. Using this oil regularly will help you maintain your clear belly skin even after giving birth.

Pregnancy should always be taken seriously. From food, clothing, and even to beauty problems, every woman should be prepared.

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