What You Need to Know About “Green”, “Eco-Friendly”, and “Organic” Labels

Many consumers are now opting to “go green” in their personal care and beauty products. This is great news since this means that more and more consumers are becoming aware of the dangerous chemicals found in many popular beauty and personal care products. When it comes to choosing green products, your best bet is to check the list of ingredients. But most of the time, consumers rely on product labels. We see labels such as “green”, “eco-friendly” and “organic”. But what do these labels actually mean? And how is one different from the other? Let’s get to know the meaning behind these labels on personal care and beauty products.

Understanding Product Labels

The Green Label Beauty and personal care products with a green label means that the raw ingredients used in the product are derived naturally and the finished product is not toxic to people and the environment. There are companies that may label themselves as a “green company” because they use materials that are recyclable or compostable, and they have means in place to reduce their carbon footprint. The Eco-Friendly Label When a product comes with an eco-friendly label, this means that the raw ingredients used in developing the product are not harmful to humans and the environment. The product was also not tested on animals and the waste materials are recyclable, reusable, or at least can be disposed without causing any negative impact on the planet. The Organic Label When it comes to the label “organic”, things can get confusing. You are probably familiar with different organic labels such as “Certified Organic“, “Organic Ingredients”, and “Contains Organic Ingredients”. So what do they mean? Let’s discuss these organic labels one by one.
  • Certified Organic – A product having a “Certified Organic” label means that all of its ingredients are 100% organic.
  • Organic Ingredients – Those with the label “Organic Ingredients” means that 70% of its ingredients are organic.
  • Contains Organic Ingredients – Products with the label “Contains Organic Ingredients” means that less than 70% of its ingredients is organic.
It is important to remember the meaning of these labels when choosing your beauty products and personal care products. However, as mentioned earlier, the best way is to check the list of ingredients. Do not assume that just because a product carries one of these labels that it does not contain any toxic ingredient. Some companies who are solely profit-driven stamp “Organic”, “Green”, or “Eco-friendly” label even if their products contain toxic ingredients. Your best weapon against being deceived is arming yourself with information on dangerous chemicals found in beauty products. Like our Facebook page and share this post to your friends!