What’s In Argan Oil?

Argan Oil Is A Wonderful Product From Morocco

What makes Argan oil different from the popular cosmetic products out in the market today? The answer lies in its components. Argan oil is hailed as the liquid gold of Morocco. It is popularly called the miracle oil. Why so? Again, you’ll find the answer in its components.

What’s In Argan Oil?

Here are three of Argan oil’s components that make it a powerful beauty product!

Vitamin E

Known to be one of the most powerful antioxidants, Vitamin E in the oil neutralise free radicals so that they do not do any damage to the skin and hair. Free radicals are naturally found in our environment and if we want to keep the skin and hair youthful and healthy, we’ll need to have a shield against these free radicals. The Vitamin E in the oil takes the role of our shield against the damaging effects of free radicals.

Vitamin E also fights inflammation and a great moisturiser therefore keeping the skin and hair soft and silky. It also effectively fight off or delay the effects of aging on the skin. This nutrient actually protects the cells and keep them well nourished. Since it is an antioxidant the effects of free radicals on the skin which are wrinkles, fine lines and age spots are prevented.

Several studies have already supported the claim that Vitamin E prevents and minimise scarring as well as the appearance of stretch marks. The nails also are made stronger by Vitamin E!

Essential Fatty Acids

Just like Vitamin E, essential fatty acids or EFAS offer a wide range of beauty benefits! EFAs actually have both moisturising and antioxidant properties. This just means that not only will your skin and hair be soft and smooth, they are also protected from environmental damage.

EFAs are also major players in the repair and manufacture of cells. These fatty acids make sure that the cells are nourished to an optimum level and that toxic waste materials are flushed out of the body. EFAs just like Vitamin E promote cell regeneration which gives way to youthful skin.

One of the reasons why this oil is effective against acne is because of the fact that it contains a very high concentration of essential fatty acids. This miracle oil contains about 80% of EFAs. Essential fatty acids can bring down overproduction of sebum which is usually associated with acne. Sebum is nourishment for the bacterium which is naturally found in our skin that cause acne. More sebum means a mre idyllic breeding ground for the bacteria which easily translates to breakouts.

EFAs also nourish the hair roots and pores making each strand of your hair stronger. When it comes to the nails, EFAs help condition and moisturise the cuticles!


Sterols aid in the metabollic processes of the skin and help retain moisture to the skin and hair. It also has anti-cancer properties!

These are just three components of Argan oil. We’ll discuss the other nutrients found in the oil and their beauty benefits in one of our write-ups!

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