What’s In Your Bag? Discover One Of The Greatest Kept Beauty Secrets

The Argan Oil Is An Effective, Natural And Proven Healthy Product

Open your bag, and let’s see what’s inside. A foundation compact? An old tube of lipstick? Perhaps a half empty tube of mascara? As women, our cosmetics go everywhere with us for those times when we need to look our best. Is your bag filled with cosmetics which may cause breakouts and greasy skin? Why not ditch those synthetic cosmetics and instead treat your skin to a reprieve by using natures miracle.

Argan oill, toted as the ultimate in beauty miracles, comes from the Argan tree in Morocco and features amazing benefits for sin care, hair care, and anti-aging properties. Argan oil has been in existence for hundreds of years and is perhaps one of the beauty industry’s best kept secret. Argan oil is an ingredient in a great deal of beauty products, and the benefits are endless and this oil is a definite must-have for any man or woman looking for healthy, natural beautifying products. We have compiled some of the best uses for this fabulous oil in order to help you experience the benefits of this all-natural oil.

1. Skin Care. Does your skin lean towards the oily side, and are you prone to breakouts? The Vitamin E found in this oil helps control breakouts and keeps skin looking fresh. Also found in skin care products which treat acne and eczema, the oil has healthy properties as well. The oil can be found in products such as moisturizes and health creams and can be found through a number of stores as well as online retailers.

2. Hair Care. If your hair looks damp and dull, shampoos and conditioners containing Argan oil will refresh your tresses and spruce them right back up. Also, if you have pin straight hair and want a bump up to wavy locks, you can easily use this oil to give yourself natural curves with just a few small drops of oil and a hair dryer.

3. The oil is just not for beauty use! Argan oil has great culinary uses and can be used for cooking just like olive oil, as a dip for bread, and even as salad dressing for your healthy greens.

Many fashion forward individuals are using Argan oil for the care and maintenance of their hair, and for good reasons. If your hair is flat and prone to split ends, the Vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants can restore and revitalize your hair, turning it into long luscious locks. If you over style your hair, such as with hair straightening, curling, dying, stripping your hair or any other chemical abuse, Argan oil is a must for its restoration purpose. Additionally, due to the fatty acids found in this oil, you will actually find your hair becoming stronger and less prone to breaking.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages to this ‘nature’s gold’ is its efficiency and natural properties. With so many chemicals being put on our skins from makeups and harsh skin products, introducing argon oil into your skin care regime is like a breath of fresh air.

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