What’s Making Your Skin Look and Feel Old?

Skin Aging Can Be Caused My Many Different Things
Many things cause the skin to age. Ones genes, skin care habits, lifestyle habits, diet and environmental factors are some crucial players of skin aging. About 20% to 30% of the skin’s aging process is determined by genes which means that when it comes to skin aging, there is much you can control. So do you know what’s aging your skin? Let’s take a look at 2 things that age your skin and what you can do to control its effects!

Skin Agers Plus Preventive Measures

  • Sweets If you love biting into sugary foods then you may want to makeover your eating habits. You may want to not believe this but the truth is sugar can damage the collagen and elastin in your skin. Collagen and elastin are fibers that provide support to your skin. Sugar when broken down and already in the bloodstream bonds with protein molecules and both collagen and elastin contain protein molecules. When this happens the integrity of both collagen and elastin are degraded which would mean wrinkles and sagging skin.
    • Your Plan of Action If you have a sweet tooth and you can’t bid sweets goodbye forever, the least you can do is cut down your consumption of simple carbohydrates. Sodas and candies are almost everyone’s sweet treat. However honey, white rice and white bread are also simple carbohydrates which the body easily converts into sugar which would spell skin aging. Of course this doesn’t mean that you can’t give yourself a sweet treat anymore. To feed your craving for sweets, treat your sweet tooth with a small square of dark chocolate. Dark chocolates are made from cacao and cacao contains antioxidants called flavanoids. Antioxidants are a friend of your skin. They protect the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals. Free radicals are to blame for those fine lines on your skin! You can also munch on fruits instead if you are craving for a sweet treat. Strawberries, oranges, and kiwis are great since they are packed with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant which helps in the production of collagen. You should also include in your diet vegetables packed with Vitamin C such as broccoli and papayas.
  • Too Much Flying When you are a frequent flyer, this can mean faster skin aging. Some experts believe that the sun’s UV rays are more intense at a higher altitude. Remember that UV rays can penetrate windows. The air circulating inside the plane is also very dry and when the skin is without moisture, it gets wrinkly.
    • Your Plan of Action When in flight, it is best to drink lots of water. Say no to alcohol and snacks with lots of salt as they can dehydrate the body. Before boarding the plane be sure to lather on moisturizer. A great skin moisturizer is the Moroccan Argan oil because of its numerous antioxidants. Be sure to also lather on sunscreen lotion at least 30 minutes before getting on your plane. You may like the view from outside the window but pull down the shade to keep your skin youthful for a longer time.
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