What’s the Best Nail Shape for Your Manicure?

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Here are 5 different nail shapes to choose from. We also added tips on how to file each nail shape.

5 Nail Shapes for Your Manicure

1. The Oval Shape

The oval shape adds elegance to a manicure. (Tweet this)

This shape is most flattering to women with wide nail beds, and narrow nail beds. The oval shape also adds length and a graceful tip. To get that beautiful and elegant oval shape, file the side walls straight to ensure that they are even. Start shaping the side walls into a rounded oval. See to it that the angles are all even on each side.

2. The Square Nail Shape

The square nail shape is a classic French belle. (Tweet this)

This shape is best suited for those with bigger nail beds. If you have smaller nail beds, this may not be the best shape to go for as the square shape makes them look shorter and wider. So how do you get this timeless nail shape? Simply file the side walls straight and don’t forget to make sure that they are perpendicular to the nail’s free edge. Once you get that perfect square, bevel the nail with your emery board.

3. The Squoval Shape

As the name suggests, this shape is a combination of the square and oval shape. The squoval is a very popular nail shape as it combines the elegance of the oval shape and the strength of the square shape. The great thing about this shape is that it is a suitable shape for most fingers. How do you get the squoval nail shape? Start by squaring the nails with straight and even side walls. Then start filing the corners until the free edge is rounded and beveled. Don’t get carried away with the filing as the side supports must still be strong.

4. The Round Nail Shape

The round shape is the most conservative among all nail shapes. It is usually the men who wear this shape as well as those who love keeping their nails short. The round nail shape is most flattering for those with wide nails as it gives the illusion of a thinner nail bed. To get your nails in this shape, file the side walls straight just like you do a square shape and then round the free edge into that perfect circle.

5. The Almond or Pointed Nail Shape

Those who are fond of wearing acrylic and nail art designs love wearing the almond or pointed shape. This shape is really well-loved in Eastern Europe and Asia. Considered as an avantgarde shape, pointed nails are well loved by celebrities including Lady Gaga and Fergie. The almond shape can make the fingers look slender and longer. How do you get this shape? Start by filing the side walls evenly and then taper until you get the tip or point you want.

Hope this helps you in deciding which shape is best for your manicure.

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