When Life Gives You Stress, De-Stress with Moroccan Argan Oil

Stress is a part of living. This is why one should learn how to deal with stress and not let it win all the time. If you keep on stressing about things, you’re immune system will go down and you’ll be more likely to get sick often. Stress often manifests various illnesses. Also you would notice that when you’re stressed out, your skin shows a dull complexion and some may notice their hair falling out more than their average hair fall.

So how do you cope with stress?

The very first thing you need to do is understand what stress is. In any circumstance that you need adapting or adjusting to, stress may be present. Events that would need you to make some changes and or perhaps adjustments may lead to stress. Even good or positive changes can stress out some people. Fear, excitement, suspense as well as mental and emotional strain can have stress in the picture too. It is also important to understand that your reaction or how you deal with a change or an event is crucial when stress is involved.

Each of us respond to events and changes differently. Some people may feel stressed about one thing while others are not stressed at all about that specific thing. A good example is a wedding or getting married. For some people such an event is a happy one while some are so stressed out by this idea.

One of the most common stressors in life is work. There are deadlines to meet, people to please and tasks to accomplish or execute properly. Sometimes work environment can be toxic and there are days when you would make mistakes and get some lecturing from your superiors. There are of course some people with a boss who is just so difficult to deal with and being in such situation can be highly stressful.

When Stressed

So when you just had a stressful day, what can you do? You must destress of course! Make yourself feel better with some pampering. You can pamper yourslef at home with a warm bath or maybe cook yourself a hearty meal. Have dinner with a close friend or watch a movie. There are plenty of ways on how you can forget about stress and make yourself feel better. You don’t even have to spend that much money to de-stress.

Pampering Yourself and Your Skin

If you have had a very stressful week, your skin will start showing it. GIve yourself and your skin some at home pampering. All you need is a few drops of the Moroccan Argan oil and warm water in your tub. This warm bath will relax your tired muscles as the oil also has therapeutic benefits. Argan oil is loaded with Vitamin E, Polyohenols, Triterpens and Sterols. All of these nutrients have anti-inflammatory properties therefore soothing tired and aching muscles. These nutrients would also nourish the skin and keep it moisturised. Not only will you come out of this warm bath feeling relaxed, your skin will have its vibrant look once again.

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