When the Quest for Beauty Becomes Dangerous

How many beauty and personal care products do you use everyday? Quite a lot, probably and that is not surprising. However, you’ll have to be very careful about these products. Why so? You may be exposing yourself to heavy metals, dangerous chemicals, bacteria, and other harmful ingredients every time you apply your favorite beauty and personal care products. It has been found out by the FDA that many make-up, skin creams, and hair styling products are laden with these dangerous ingredients.

Mercury in Skin Care Products?

You’ll have to be careful in choosing beauty products these days as many of them can contain mercury. Exposure to mercury can result to serious health consequences. Mercury can damage your kidneys, as well as the nervous system. Pregnant women and mothers should be extra vigilant in making sure that their skin care and other beauty products or personal care products are free from mercury as mercury can interfere with the brain development of both unborn children and very young kids.

If someone in your household is using a skin care product with mercury in its ingredients, you can get affected as well. Anyone, most especially children can get mercury into their bodies from simply breathing in mercury vapors. Young children and infants are highly at risk of ingesting mercury when their parents use a skin care product with mercury as they often would touch their parents skin and are fond of putting their hands and fingers in their mouth.

Here are symptoms of mercury poisoning to watch out for:

  • Tremors
  • Memory problems
  • Irritability
  • Changes in hearing or vision

Avoid any skin care product with mercury listed in its ingredients. Mercury can also be listed as “calomel”, “mercurous chloride”, “mercuric” or “mercurio”. If you see any product without a list of its ingredients in the label, it is best to avoid this product. Read more about mercury poisoning linked in skin care products from this post from the FDA.

Lead in Your Favorite Lipstick Shade

Lead in lipstick used to be an urban legend. But after the FDA tested hundreds of lipsticks, we found out that this is no urband legend at all. It is surprising to learn that two consecutive FDA investigations found lead in all the lipsticks they tested. And the scarier part is the amounts of lead in these lipsticks are not small at all. Plus even more alarming is the fact that for a beauty product to be considered safe, its lead level should be zero. Although lead is a naturally occurring metal used in many things from construction materials to batteries, lead can have serious health effects. Lead is toxic and when it gets inside the body it acts as poison. This is why it is alarming that lead is now found in many products that allows this toxic substance to enter the body.

One of the best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from exposure to lead is by avoiding skin care and other beauty products that have tested positive in lead tests.

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