When They Claim To Be Good For You, Think Again

Not Every Products In The Grocery Store Is Good

Don’t get easily fooled! There are a lot of food items especially snacks that claim to be healthy and good for you but they really aren’t. These health food impostors will not do any good for your health or your figure so stay away from them as much as you can.


This is where it boils down to. Smart packaging, ingenious labels, and attractive words that are carefully chosen to entice buyers are usually the reasons why people purchase and eat what they do. And even in this day and age where healthy eating and living are given importance, many are still fooled into buying unhealthy products.

Let us discuss these health food impostors!

  1. Baked Potato Chips
    Baked foods are better for you. It is definitely better than deep fried products. But are baked potato chips the right snack for you and your kids? Yes because they are baked, they are indeed lower in fat but they are unfortunately high in calories and low in nutrients. Some could also be high in salt. So when you’re eating baked potato chips, you’re not really being healthy. Instead of these chips, opt for popcorn. Popcorn will give you the same crunch plus fiber plus fewer calories. If you want to pop the kernels from scratch, use healthy oils like argan oil and make popcorn even tastier and healthier!
  2. Gummy Fruit Snacks
    Some claim that these are great for dieting. On the contrary though, these gummy fruit snacks are nothing more than sweet candy infused with little vitamins. They also contain high fructose corn syrup that is linked with heart problems and obesity. So instead of gummy fruit snacks, opt for fresh or dried fruit snacks.
  3. Light Ice Cream
    Not all ice creams that are advertised as light are really light. Some could have fewer calories than regular ice cream yet others may not. How do really know? Opt for dairy-free ice cream instead. These ice creams are made from healthy soy and coconut milk. They are healthier and will leave you satisfied.
  4. Diet Soda
    This goes the same with any brand of diet sodas. Sodas even if they are “diet” are still carbonated and sugar-filled drinks. Whether or not real sugar or sugar replacements are used, sodas are still bad for your health. Opt for better drinks such as flavored seltzer water that has zero calories. They are also free from artificial sugars which make them a whole lot better than sodas – diet sodas or not.
  5. Vitamin Water
    There are a lot of these in groceries and convenient stores. They are advertised as healthy drinks. Sure they have loads of vitamins but they also have loads of calories. Drinking one bottle per day will make you gain at least 20 pounds in 1 year. Switch to calorie-free flavored waters to get the same taste and a healthier you.

You see, it pays to take a second look at products offering to give you nothing but good health. Read labels carefully and think before purchasing and eating. Be smarter than the packaging!

Image: Paolo Bona / Shutterstock.com

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