When You Want to Have Whiter Armpits, Here’s What You Should Do

If You Want A Whiter Underarm, Make Sure That You Properly Care For It
Imagine getting married and wearing your beautiful white strapless gown. It should be the happiest day of your life but you can’t seem to move freely with your gown. Your underarms are making you feel self-conscious. Having dark underarms cause embarrassment to many women. Wearing the clothes you have always wanted, sleeveless and tube dresses, tank tops, and even swimwear becomes a burden to wear. Not because they are hard to handle, not because these clothes are expensive, but more because your movement becomes restricted. Why? Dark underarms are to blame. Movement becomes restricted as you become conscious about your underarms.

Look at what you are wearing

Tight fitting clothes often cause irritations in your underarms and thus cause armpit blackening. Clothes that are too tight in the armpit area brush and rub against the skin. This could be the cause of the dark color. Avoid synthetic fibers and opt for cotton materials as much as you can.

Scrub and rub your armpits every once in a while

While bathing you may opt to scrub your armpits with lemon peel powder to help make the shade lighter. Aside from this you may also rub your armpits with lemon slices. The acidity will help lighten them.

Look into your deodorant

There are deodorants that cause darkening of the armpits. Study your deodorants well. Look into its ingredients, try out small bottles or sticks first, and if you see a darkening discoloration, don’t be afraid to change deodorants. You may also use alum powder on your armpits instead of your deodorant.

Use vitamin E to help whiten armpits

Vitamin E is great for the skin and if you would want whiter armpits, applying vitamin E on your armpits will help you.There are different oils in the market that can give you sufficient vitamin E. Argan oil for example is one of those oils. Naturally taken from the nuts of a tree found in the southwestern parts of Morocco, argan oil is best known for its rich contents of vitamin E among many other great substances. Application of argan oil onto your armpits before going to bed at night will help lighten the dark discoloration of your armpits. This oil is non-greasy and easily absorbable. You’ll feel like you have not applied any oil onto your armpits with argan oil. Effective and easy to use, argan oil is your natural product of choice.

A dermatologist can be your best friend

For extremely dark underarms you may get the services of a qualified dermatologist. Looking closely into your problem areas, a dermatologist will suggest different options for whitening your armpits. Among the most common procedures are peeling and bleaching procedures. Look into the different options and then decide. You don’t have to have restricted movements on your wedding day or any day for that matter. Wear the clothes you want to wear without feeling conscious about your armpits. These simple tips can help you do just that. So relax and start your journey to whiter underarms today.