Dry Elbows Can Be Cured By Using Moisturizers

When Your Elbows Are Dry, Here’s what you ought to do!

Although resolving dry elbows may not be one of the top priorities of many, dry elbows remain to be one of the highest beauty problems of both men and women. This could be because most seldom take notice of the elbows. You don’t often see it as it is at the back portion of your arms. But if you think about it, others see this back portion of your arms. Dry, scaly, and chapping elbows are a sore to look at and sometimes if conditions worsen dry elbows become a menace. To make your life easier, here are simple tips on how you can resolve dry elbows.

You have to use effective oils and moisturizers.

This can’t be emphasized more. To resolve dryness in your elbows you need effective oils and moisturizers. You may already be using a product for several years if they’re not working for you anymore you need to replace them. There are also a lot of oils and moisturizers available in the market choose wisely and look at how they can make a difference in your elbows. One great oil moisturizer is argan oil. How can oil be helpful in healing dry elbows? Argan oil in particular has rich components that help lock in moisture while giving nutrients to skin. So imagine massaging this oil onto your dry elbows every day? You elbows will get vitamins and minerals daily as well that will help heal the dryness. Argan oil is non-greasy and it is easily absorbed by the skin making effects fast and instant.

Homemade scrubs.

Scrubs will help to exfoliate the dry and dead skin on your elbows. There are different types of scrubs you can make at home. Use simple ingredients you are sure to have in your own kitchen such as salt and sugar. Make either a sugar scrub or a salt scrub for your elbows and gently massage to elbows. Mix either sugar or salt with oil and use as a scrub. You may also mix lemon and either sugar or salt and use as a scrub. These scrubs will remove dead skin and will make elbows smoother.

Drink water.

Chances are if you your elbows are dry then other parts of your body are dry as well. It could be other parts of your skin such as your arms and legs, or it could be the heels of your feet, or it could even be your hair. To help you solve this dryness it is important for you to drink lots of water. The recommended number of glasses of water you should drink per day is 8. It can’t be a small glass. The glass should at least be 8 ounces. Drink enough water per day and drink even more during hot weather.

Dry and scaly elbows are not nice to look at. Care for your elbows the way you would care for your face and other body parts. You’ll see a big difference in how your elbows will look like with these easy to follow tips for making elbows smooth.


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