When Your Toes are Always Kept a Secret

It’s summer! And while everyone else is flaunting the summer look – shorts, tank tops, and sandals – you’re walking around town with closed shoes. There are different ways for you to wear and show off your feet but you opt not to. It’s not because you don’t want to but it’s more because you can’t. And it’s a terrible feeling. Your ugly toe nails are keeping you from showing your feet off. And that’s just a problem with open toed shoes. How about being able to show your feet to a loved one? You can’t wear socks all the time! So here are easy and effective ways on how not to keep your toes a secret any longer.


Putting socks on when wearing shoes and sneakers help keep your feet dry. When your feet become damp because of sweat brought about by an enclosed pair of shoes, your nails will also suffer. Damp feet will be good carriers of bacteria, infections, and germs. So wear cotton socks when you have your shoes and sneakers on.


Keep toe nails trimmed all the time. Long toe nails are not only dirty looking but they can also cause pain when you’re walking. Keeping your toe nails trimmed and with a square shape keeps ingrown from happening.


It helps to soak your feet in warm water or milk for 30 minutes at least once a week. Your feet will not only feel relaxed but they will also look relaxed and beautiful. Skin will become softer and more inviting, nails will become healthier looking.


It also helps to scrub your feet including your nails. Use a soft brush to gently scrub your feet and nails clean. This will also help to remove dead skin cells and dirt stuck between your toes and nails.


Both your feet and nails need moisture to keep their beauty. If you’re wondering what moisturizer works well for feet and nails, then argan oil is the answer to this question. Argan oil is an excellent product that can moisturize both phenomenally. You can rub the argan oil to your toe nails and feet gently and do it as much as you want. Moisturize day, night, or both. Argan oil is 100% pure natural and it comes only from the best nuts of the argan tree. Morocco is the proud source of this magnificent oil. The tree where the nuts grow from can only be found in Morocco. This oil is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E and essential fatty acids that can help resolve different nail problems. Toe nail discolorations, roughness, and even bacterial problems will be helped greatly by argan oil and its components.

So regardless of the season be proud of your feet and your toe nails with these simple tips. Stop being ashamed and show off your feet! Remember that any toe nail and feet problem may be resolved with these simple steps – socks, soaking, scrubbing, trims, and moisturizing.

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