Who Wants to be Forever Young?

The skin says a lot about a person wearing it. How supple, how radiant and even the tone of your skin actually reveals much about you. However our society has exploited this fact and the connection between the skin and one’s being has been twisted somehow. Our society or at least the majority of our society has placed high emphasis on looking young forever.

It’s not that wanting to look young is a sin. But what’s happened is that many of us see ageing as something ugly. Many start going ballistic the moment that they see signs of ageing on their skin. Some go under the knife just to bring back their youthful look. Invasive cosmetic procedures may temporarily get rid of the fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of skin ageing but they can pose serious health risk.

Our Obsession with Youthfulness

We can not deny that we want to look good. That’s not a crime. Since we tend to be very visual, we indulge ourselves. Even past civilizations were obsessed about finding the fountain of youth. We have this sort of obsession on beauty and youth. In the modern society, most do consider youthfulness as beautiful and being old as the opposite. However there are some of us who know better and who truly believe that true beauty is on the inside as well as outside. But the dominant mindset these days is proving to be the former.

Anti-ageing products sell like pancakes left and right. A true testament of how most of us want to hold on to our youthfulness. We beam with happiness when somebody tells us we look young and most of the time we get offended when somebody guessed our age more than our actual age. In some places, it is even rude to ask an adult their age.

The Joy of Living

In other culture, ageing is celebrated and welcomed. When your skin shows wrinkles and fine lines, it means that you have enjoyed a long life. Wrinkles fine lines and laugh lines are a testament of how hard you worked, how much fun you had and simply how full your life had been. May it have been a very difficult life. These signs of skin ageing just shows the world that you have struggled and triumphed to have lived for many years.

Moroccan Argan Oil to Care for the Skin

We should be more concerned about caring for our skin than stopping skin ageing. We can not stop ageing as this is a natural part of living. We can delay the signs of skin ageing but stopping them would mean dying before getting old. Caring for the skin is important as the skin serves several important functions. It holds everything inside us, protects us from infections and regulates our temperature.

The Moroccan Argan oil holds essential nutrients that benefit the skin tremendously. If you are looking for a potent product that would minimise and delay signs of skin ageing, it’s the Moroccan Argan oil. The nutrients it contains truly does wonders to the skin.

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