Why Fate and Quick Fixes Won’t Bring You Success

You have probably heard someone say “I’m just waiting for a big break” or you probably have uttered this line before in hopes of achieving success or improving your life. We all (or at the very least most of us) long for success or wish to improve our life and the good news is there are plenty of ways to make this dream come true.

Don’t Entrust Your Future to Fate

However, many of us choose to place our future in fate’s hands and in that one “get-rich-quick-scheme” that would forever change things for us. Are you one of those who leave everything to fate and believe that one day fate will give you that day when everything works out just for you?

Here’s the bad news. It is with great probability that you may never get that big break you have been waiting for. Fate has disappointed millions before you and fate will continue to disappoint millions more after you. This sounds rather depressing but this is true. But, on a positive note, you actually do not need fate to make your dreams come true. There is however a process that you should follow.

You’re Failing Because of Quick Fix Solutions

The reason why many fail to achieve the success or get the breakthrough that they have been wanting is because of the fact that most rely on a quick-fix solutions. Many of us think of short-cuts in snatching success because the true process takes too long and requires much effort. Whenever one gets an idea for a quick fix solution, there is that feeling of being on the verge of a major breakthrough. And this feeling gets you all wrapped up and you get stuck trying to make this deal happen thinking that this is the key to make a huge fortune and change your life forever.

Quick fix solutions always sound very easy and very much plausible which is the reason why many still believe that their life will get better through these quick fixes. However, quick fixes always require just one more thing. For example, how many times have you heard someone who had thought of a quick fix that requires a start-up capital for things to get rolling? Perhaps you have even done this. So you asked your parents or a friend to lend you money and promise to pay them back once you’ve made a fortune. Plus you probably promised that you would be able to pay them back in no time. This story sounds very familiar. We have heard this many times over and the ending is not always pleasant and that is one failed scheme after another.

The Key to Success

The key is to not search for quick-fix solutions. If you look at the definition of “quick fix” you will find that it is only a remedy that will give you immediate gratification however it is not very effective. There are no short-cuts to success and in life’s issues. Commit your time and energy into one thing and work hard consistently. Follow the process of establishing a good solid business and in time all your hard work will pay off. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. Don’t wait around for that quick fix that will give you all your heart’s desires. It’s never going to come. Success entails consistent hard work and dedication and patience and not just waiting around for your luck to change.

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