Argan Oil Is So Miraculous

Why is the Culinary Argan Oil Dubbed as One of the Healthiest Oils?

Olive oil has been the queen of kitchen oils for many years. But in recent years, the culinary Argan oil has been receiving the spotlight. This oil has been called many names, among of them are liquid gold and the healthiest and rarest oil . So what’s with this oil? And why is the culinary Argan oil being dubbed as the healthiest and rarest oil?

The Origins of the Culinary Argan Oil

The Argan oil was once a treasure kept secret by the Berber tribe of Morocco. The Argan tree that bears the fruit kernels where the oil is extracted from grows almost exclusively in the dry and arid regions of South West Morocco. For many centuries, the Berber women have been extracting the oil and using it in protecting their skin and hair from the harsh conditions of the dessert, treating various illnesses and of course in cooking. Today the Argan oil is widely known all over the world. There are two types of the oil being sold in the market; the cosmetic Argan oil and the culinary Argan oil. The cosmetic type has gained quite a following including ordinary women all over the world, to popular personalities and Hollywood A-listers. The culinary type is not far behind. Although it is not quite as popular as the cosmetic type, world class chefs are raving about the culinary Argan oil and so are health experts and health conscious.

What Makes the Argan Oil Healthy

Let us take a look at the components of the culinary Argan oil.
  • Oleic acid – The oil contains oleic acid or simply referred to as Omega-9. This is an unsaturated fatty acid that benefits the heart immensely. Omega-9 helps lower your levels of bad cholesterol or the Low Density Lipids (LDL). Too much LDL in the blood can cause a blockage in the arteries which can trigger a stroke or a heart attack. Another great benefit of oleic acid is that it helps raise your levels of good cholesterol or High Density Lipids (HDL). Since this fatty acid helps keep your cholesterol levels in check, formation of plaques in the arteries is avoided and plaques that have formed and clogging the arteries are reduced therefore lowering one’s chances of getting a heart attack or stroke.
  • Vitamin E – Just like olive oil, this oil contains a high amount of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. In fact, Argan oil contains a higher amount of Vitamin E than olive oil. As an antioxidant, vitamin E helps protect the cells of the body from free-radical damage and keeps the immune system strong. It also helps in regulating the functions of the heart and the reproductive organs.
  • Prostaglandins – Most health problems stem from inflammation. Prostaglandins found in the oil have potent anti-inflammatory properties. Prostaglandins also help boost the immune system.
  • Sterols – Sterols is not a usual nutrient found in many oils. Sterols is great for your health since it blovks cholesterol from being absorbed from the intestines plus sterols is believed to have cancer fighting properties.
Extra health benefit: Argan oil promotes better digestion as it helps boost pepsin levels, an enzyme that helps ensure that the digestive system is working properly. These are the major health benefits of the culinary Argan oil. Grab a bottle now and start living healthy!


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