Unhealthy Nails Looks Very Unpleasant

Why Nails Become Yellow

Being observant does you a lot of good, especially if you take extra notice on your body and your health. If you are keen enough to notice a slight change in the color of your nails for example, then this is a good thing. You’re taking out your nail polish one day and there it is, you notice a slight discoloration of your nails. You look at it much closer and you realize that you nails are slightly yellow. It did not use to be that color. Cause for alarm? Read on and find out the reasons why your nails could be turning yellow.

Have you had your annual check-up lately?

Yellowing of the nails could be because of an underlying health problem. Medical disorders such as liver disease, lung disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and others could be the culprit to your yellowing nails. Although this is not always the case, it is always best to rule out possible medical conditions you may have. Go to your doctor and have a simple blood test to rule out most of the possible health problems that could cause yellow fingernails.

Do you keep your nails clean?

Keeping your nails clean is essential to avoid yellowing of your nails. Why? Because underneath your nails, you could be harboring bacteria and fungi that could cause nail damage. Nail fungus is another culprit for yellow nails. Aside from discoloration, other symptoms of nail fungus are: flaking of the nail and unwanted odors.

Are you a smoker?

Smoking does not do you any good. In truth, there are a lot of bad consequences for smoking. Health wise, smoking is bad for the smoker and for the people who inhale the second hand smoke. And your nails? Smoking can cause yellow fingernails. If you would want to get rid of your yellow nails, the first step is to quit smoking.

Love to paint your nails?

Especially teenagers and women in general who enjoy having their nails painted, excessive wearing of nail polish causes nails to turn yellow. The chemicals and solutions found in nail polish and nail color removers are harmful to your nails. Using them too often could be the reason why your nails are getting damaged and discolored. SOLUTION: First of all to find out the real cause of your nail discoloration, go to your doctor and have your nails checked. A simple trip to the doctor’s office could save your life. If you think it is not because of an underlying disease and is probably because of smoking, stop smoking. For fungal infections, your doctor would also be the best person to tell you how to treat nail fungus. Now for over painting your nails, let your nails breathe and recover. ARGAN OIL: It would help to soak your yellow nails in fresh lemon juice and argan oil. This combination will help whiten yellowish nails. Lemon juice has a bleaching effect while argan oil has all the nutrients your nails need. A few drops of argan oil when directly applied to nails will also help to revive the natural color and strength of your nails. Rich in vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids, and a lot of other properties, your nails will grow long and strong with argan oil.


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