Organic Living Means That We Return Back To Nature

Why Organic Living is Great for Your Overall Health

Our body is an amazing wonder. It knows exactly what it needs. However, the problem is most of us do not speak its language and many of us fail to understand what it has been trying to tell us. Have you been listening to your body or have you been shushing it with stress, unhealthy dishes, harmful synthetic cosmetics and medicines that are harsh to the body? If you are guilty with even one of these things, it is time that you listen to your body and break away from this path.

Being Good to Our Body

How can you start being good to your body? This should be a question that many should prioritize finding the answers to. Have you ever been told to start going organic? You probably have heard this being promoted on television shows and many celebrities and popular figures advocating for organic living. Those who are advocates of organic living have revealed much of the benefits of sticking with their organic choice. A healthy mind, a healthy body, happiness, beauty and a healthier planet are the main benefits of organic living. So how do you start organic living?

A Quick Start in Organic Living

  • Give your body a healthy dose of Vitamin D from the sun. Your body needs Vitamin D and fresh air, so do not coop yourself up indoors all the time. The best source of Vitamin D is the sun. It is true that we need to protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun but sun protection is not synonymous to total sun avoidance. You should spend at least 2 hours a day outdoors. To avoid harmful exposure to the sun’s UV rays, wear sun protection and choose the hours you’ll spend outdoors wisely. Did you know that sunlight is not just good for your body but also for your mind? The bright and warm sunlight actually gives us a feeling of happiness. Notice how you feel down when the sky is gloomy and dark?
  • Walk barefoot. You think we’re joking right? Nope, we are not kidding at all. The idea may be simple but its benefits are immense. Our feet have reflex spots and by walking barefoot, the spleen, liver, adrenal gland and other parts of the body get a good massage. It is most pleasurable to walk barefoot on grass or Mother Earth’s soil. Whenever you can walk barefoot, do so.
  • Go for essential oils rather than perfume. If you love spraying or rubbing perfume on you, it may be time to consider giving it up. Why? Perfumes are laden with chemicals that can cause harm to the body. Essential oils like lavander and chamomile have a lovely fragrance plus they have health beneficial properties and are also great for skin care.
  • Go natural on your beauty care products. Most commercial beauty products like shampoos, lotions and creams are filled with toxic chemicals. Most of these chemicals have been linked to various health issues including cancer. A great beauty care product is Argan oil. It is great for hair care, skin care, nail care and even have anti-aging properties.
For a healthier and happier body, follow these organic living ideas. Ask more of your friends to like our Facebook page and keep on sharing our posts.


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