Why Should You Care for Your Nails?

Nails Will Provide You With Additional Beauty Details

Why should you give a fuzz about your nails?! You should as they are very useful! Don’t just think of your nails as just another surface to put colour in. They actually have a big job to do. Your nails, specifically the hard surface, actually give protection to your fingers and toes. You’ll find it easier to scratch an itch and remove tapes or stickers with your nails.

All About Nails

Keratin is what your nails are made of. Keratin is a protein that the body also uses to create hair as well as the very top layer of the skin. Did you know that we actually have nails on our fingers and toes even before we were born? That’s pretty amazing right?!

You would be mistaken to think that your nails start growing from where your cuticle begins. The action actually starts deep down under. Nails actually begin in the nail root that is hidden under your cuticles. Everytime new cells grow at the nail root, the old nail cells are pushed out. Because of keratin, these cells become hard and flat and the freshly formed nail then takes its place on the nail bed, sliding along it.

Fingernails have quite a slow growth. In a month, they could grow about 2.5 millimeters. With this growth rate, it would take about 3 months to half a year to fully replace a nail. Toenails grow even slower than fingernails. You probably have noticed that you don’t have to trim them as often as you trim your fingernails.

All About Nail Care

  • TrimmingMost of us trim our nails regularly. Long nails can start a chip, a crack or a breakage which can ruin your nails entirely. Plus, having long nails can be dangerous and unsanitary. On top of this, if you do crack, split or break your nails, they can hurt like hell and open a gateway for bacteria to seep through. So trim your nails regularly!

    When trimming your fingernails, remember to use a nail clipper or nail scissors. You can also use a nail file or emery board to smooth out edges that are jagged or rough. When trimming your fingernails, remember to trim straight across and slightly do a rounding up at the top. When it comes to toenails, you should trim straight across.

  • MoisturisingIt is ideal to moisturise your nails and cuticles regularly. Dry nails are prone to breakage, chipping and splitting. A great nail moisturiser is the Moroccan Argan oil. This precious oil from Morocco is packed with Vitamin E which moisturises and strengthens nails. The Moroccan Argan oil is also loaded with other nutrients that have moisturising properties such as Sterols that effectively conditions cuticles.

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