Why The Culinary Argan Oil Deserves a Spot in Your Kitchen Cupboard

The oil popularly referred to as the liquid gold of Morocco comes in two types. There is the cosmetic type which has taken the beauty world by storm and is still one of the hottest products in the market. The other type of the oil is the culinary or gourmet Argan oil.

The Cosmetic Argan Oil

The cosmetic Moroccan oil is well-loved because of its skin, hair and nail benefits. A powerhouse of antioxidants and nutrients with moisturizing properties the oil is known to promote youthful skin by minimizing fine lines and wrinkles and delaying its onset.

The Culinary Argan Oil

The culinary type of the oil holds the same nutrients as the cosmetic type. Aside from having potent antioxidants like Vitamin E, Carotenoids, Polyphenols, Ferulic acid and Squalene, it also contains unsaturated essential fatty acids. The culinary Argan oil is not as popular as its cosmetic counterpart but it does deserve to be in the limelight because of the tremendous health benefits one can get from regularly including the oil in their diet.

Cancer Fighting Benefits

Because of the numerous antioxidants found in the culinary Argan oil, it can prevent DNA damage. Why should we be jumping up and down with this fact? DNA damage that is caused by inflammation is basically the trigger of most diseases.

Numerous research and studies on the oil have suggested that the culinary Moroccan oil can prevent the development of cancer as well as delay aging by shielding DNA from getting damaged. Studies also revealed that the phenolic compounds in the oil prevent the first stages of cancer caused by free radicals from developing. Free radicals are unstable molecules in the body which damage the healthy tissues. They cause inflammation and various diseases. Free radicals are also referred to as oxidative stress. Antioxidants neutralize these free radicals before doing any damage to the body.
Cancer and aging are both caused by DNA damage. Numerous diseases are also because of DNA damage. The Moroccan oil holds a potent amount of phenolic compounds that can protect DNA from getting battered and damaged by oxidative stress. If you want to stay youthful and save yourself and your loved ones from various illnesses caused by inflammation such as cancer, you should see to it that your diet includes a whole lot of antioxidants. One type of oil that is packed with tons of potent antioxidants is the culinary oil often called the liquid gold of Morocco.

Heart-healthy Benefits

The Moroccan oil is also beneficial to the heart. Its unsaturated essential fatty acids help regulate cholesterol levels and as a result help normalize blood pressure. With regular intake it can help protect you from cardiovascular diseases.

Brain Benefits

The unsaturated essential fatty acids in the oil help in brain development of infants. Pregnant women or those who are planning to get pregnant should include this oil in their diet. Those with diabetes will also benefit from this culinary oil as regular consumption can normalize blood sugar levels. It also helps in reducing resistance to insulin.

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