Why You Should Give Your Cosmetics a “Green” Make-Over

Love the color green? It is high time that you should. The love for green cosmetics is on the rise. This is because more consumers are now aware of the dangerous or toxic chemicals that are found in many popular cosmetics. So what are green cosmetics? Let’s learn more about it.

Green cosmetics are also called eco-friendly makeup. In a nutshell, this type of cosmetics is manufactured with ingredients that are all-natural and non-toxic. Most green cosmetic companies make use of minerals that naturally occur in the environment in their products. These naturally occurring mineral ingredients give green cosmetics its color and sun protecting abilities. The very reason why many consumers are turning their backs on popular cosmetic products and turning their attention to green cosmetics is because green cosmetics products are believed to be safer to the health and kinder to the planet. Products from most green cosmetic companies undergo a manufacturing process that is environmentally sustainable. A large percent of green cosmetics patrons are those that support environment sustainability. This is a testament to the fact that the green revolution has reached even the beauty industry.

It is also worth noting that a rising percentage of green cosmetics patrons are people who want to care better for their health. These consumers are those who want to make sure that their health is not compromised in the name of “beauty”. Ever since the news about the toxic chemicals in most cosmetic and personal care products broke out, many people started taking a look at what they are lathering on their skin, hair and even what they are applying on their nails.

There is much to be concerned about the common ingredients found in many cosmetic and even personal care products. Numerous studies have shown that most of these common ingredients in the lotions, shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, eye creams, makeup, nail polish and even personal care products such as toothpaste have serious ill effects on our health. A lot of these ingredients were either linked to cancer or have been found in cancer tissues. Some of these chemicals found in most popular cosmetic and personal care products can even cause serious damage to our vital organs.

With information about toxic chemicals in many popular cosmetics reaching many more consumers every day, thanks to print media, television and the internet, consumers are now getting wiser in their purchase. Many are starting to switch to green cosmetics. The good news is that almost any beauty or personal care products popularly sold in the market have a “green” equivalent or counterpart.

But consumers should still keep on checking the ingredient labels of any product they buy even if they have a “natural”, “organic” or “all-natural” label. Many cosmetic manufacturers are putting on dubious claims of being natural or organic ever since consumers demanded for green cosmetics. A genuine green cosmetic product should not have any toxic or synthetic ingredient in it.

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