Itchy Scalp Means Dandruff

Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Scalp Care

According to studies, the scalp is one of the most neglected parts of a human body. Unlike the face, the hair, and the skin, the scalp usually tends to take a back seat when it comes to care and management.

People often think to care more for parts of their body that is easily seen such as the face and skin. But what is seldom thought about is that the scalp, although covered by hair, is also an important part of the body.

If your scalp is healthy, then you can breathe freely as you don’t have to rigidly care for your scalp. But if already have issues with your scalp, then taking it for granted will make matters worse. Here are reasons why one should not neglect scalp care.


One of the most common scalp problems, dry scalp is often to appear during cold and winter seasons. Cold winds and freezing temperatures quickly dry out the scalp of much needed moisture causing flakes and dead skin to show.

During these cold seasons, the scalp often becomes firm and irritated. Often flakes caused by dry scalp are thought to be dandruff but they are not.


The difference between flakes caused by dry scalp and flakes caused dandruff is that dandruff has larger and scalp becomes itchy. Dandruff also has an odor that is distinct to it.

During its early stages, dandruff may be controlled with the use of mild dandruff shampoo. Rinsing hair properly after washing is also a good way to cure and avoid mild dandruff because often dandruff is caused by an irritating shampoo that was not washed off properly.


As acne grows on skin, acne may also grow on the scalp. Known also as scalp folliculitis, this acne is small white-yellowish pustules that can be felt and seen under the hair.

During the early stages, acne may first form on the forehead near the hairline as tiny and hard pimples. When left untreated or when aggravated by harsh products, this acne may spread in the scalp area.

It is important to note that scalp acne, dandruff, and dry scalp can all be treated easily when done during the early stages. For severe conditions though, it would require more treatments and sometimes even specialists.

That is why it is important to prevent these scalp problems from occurring and to resolve them as early as you can to avoid further and graver problems.


To care for your scalp, use natural ingredients. Avoid harsh products that could damage the scalp and even hair.

Natural oils for example are good products to use to keep hair moisturized and nourished. These natural oils do not have harmful ingredients, irritating solutions, and are full of different important nutrition.

Argan oil for example is an excellent scalp care solution. A few drops massaged to scalp daily will give the scalp all the nutrients it needs.

You can surely avoid dry scalp during cold months, dandruff all year through, and scalp acne. Argan oil has rich nutritional components that will care and nourish scalp regardless of the season.


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