Why You Should Start Buying Organic Vegetables

You probably have been hearing the word organic and most probably you have heard many celebrities and even your friends and loved ones tell you to go organic in well, everything. From the beauty products you use to the food you eat.

Let’s talk about organic foods specifically vegetables and why there is so much buzz about this subject. But first let’s go back in time, to the good old times when all produce were organic. Yes! You read that right. There was a time when every meal that was served on plates was all organic.

The Good Old Organic Days

Before the dramatic advancements in technology in the 20th century, agriculture was all organic. In fact organic agriculture was the only existing agriculture at that time. During this time farmers made healthy soils and planted communities or various kinds of plants in order to sustain crops. But as soon as production was mechanized and synthetic chemical fertilizers and synthetic chemical pesticides came into the picture, the face of organic agriculture was changed.

The Rise of Monoculture

With the advancements in technology, agriculture became a monoculture. In other words, acres and acres of lands only had one single species planted. Although this style of agriculture brought down the amount of labor in farm work, it brought damaging effects to our environment. Recent studies also revealed that produce sprayed with synthetic chemical fertilizers and synthetic chemical pesticides can have adverse effects to our health.

Going Back to Organic Farming

Because of the harmful effects of the popular modern way of agriculture, many are now turning back to organic farming. In organic agriculture, crop rotation and composting are used in producing vegetables. These are methods used by our ancestors from thousands of years. Monocultures are only focused on producing a single species of vegetables while organic farming focuses in the health of the entire ecosystem to promote healthy plant growth.

Plants such as vegetables are just like people. They need certain nutrients to perform their functions. In the modern agriculture, vegetables are fed synthetic chemical fertilizers which contain nutrients for them to grow. But these synthetic chemical fertilizers have bad effects to our environment. They pollute the soil and surface waters. Polluted surface waters eventually make their way to bodies of water and these chemicals cause algae to multiply which results to fish kills. Nitrates are also present in most synthetic chemical fertilizers and when high levels of nitrates mix into our groundwater, this can lead to methemoglobinemia or popularly called as blue-baby syndrome. This is a condition that can cause death in young children.

Because of these harmful effects, organic farmers only use organic fertilizers, cover crops, green manures, composting as well as mulching in enriching the soil. Both the environment and your health are benefited with the use of organic fertilizers. Organic growers also do not make use of synthetic chemical fertilizers as they are poison to organisms including human consumers. Instead, organic growers focus in the health of the ecosystem to improve vegetables’ resistance to pest and diseases.

Ready to go organic? With all its benefits, you should be rushing to buy only organic vegetables!

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