Will You Have a Snail Facial?

These Snails Looks Like They Feel Awesome!

Ever tried having a snail facial?

The snail facial craze started from Tokyo Japan and it has been crawling into the beauty world steadily. Most women may be known to be squirmish about creepy crawlers but it seems that when it comes to snail facials, a lot of women are actually willing to shell out loads of cash just to have a few snails crawl on their face.

What’s a Snail Facial?

But what does a snail facial do and is it actually effective?

With regular facials, a certain cream or facial product is lathered on the skin. In snail facials, snails are placed on the face instead of the regular facial products. As the snails crawl on the face they distribute their mucus which is believed to remove dead skin cells and somehow also improves the skin’s ability to hydrate.

It definitely sounds gross. But is it effective?

Is Snail Facial Effective?

Marta Wohrle, the woman behind Truth in Aging said that the claims on the ability of snail’s slime to repair and soften the skin seem doubtful but it is not totally out of the question. She added that the science behind it is a little vague but fairly supportive. A study that examined the secretions of the mollusk referred to as cryptomphalus aspersa found out that they contain antioxidants and stimulated fibroblast proliferation and rearrangement of the actin cytoskeleton.

But not everyone is buying the snail facial phenomenon. Jessica Krant, M.D., M.P.H., a board certified dermatologist and founder of the Art of Dermatology thinks that the benefits of snail facial may have been exaggerated. She compares the new beauty craze to the piranha pedicure which made a huge noise in the media for a time and excited a lot of people to try out the newest hit in pedicures. She added that the snail facial is a wonderful marketing ploy for spas that are from Japan.

Experts seem to be in agreement that there is no scientific proof just yet proving that snail slime does anything special for the skin beyond what moisturizers already provide.

Would You Have a Snail Facial?

Have you given the snail facial a try? Would you be willing to let a few snails crawl on your face just to see if they would benefit your skin? We’d love to hear your thoughts. So drop in a comment!

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