Winner Solutions for Greasy Hair!

Shiny hair is one thing, having shiny hair because of grease is another. Imagine yourself leaving for work in the morning with great hair. You’ve washed your hair, styled it, and off to work you go. By the middle of the day your hair starts to become a little oily, by the end of the day your hair is obviously greasy. To top it off, you have an important date after work. Yes greasy hair is a troublesome type of hair to have. What can you do to solve your greasy hair problems? Well here are some winner solutions!

Do the following to control excessive grease on your hair:

  • Apply moisturizing creams or conditioners only on your hair and avoid your scalp. Hair strands need moisture and protection especially when strands are dry and brittle. Avoid grease by keeping scalp conditioner and moisturizer free.
  • Use argan oil as your greasy hair solution. Unlike ordinary conditioners and moisturizers, argan oil is safe to be used for the hair and scalp. Argan oil will not trigger the scalp to create more oils and grease. Contrary to that, argan oil’s properties will keep the oils in the scalp to a normal level making grease a problem of the past. Argan oil is extremely rich in antioxidants like vitamin E that help protect and keep hair and scalp healthy. Argan oil will also solve dryness, flakes, brittleness, and other hair and scalp problems. Using argan oil on your hair and scalp will surely resolve your greasy hair problems!
  • Over brushing or combing your hair will make your hair greasier. The repeated combing motion done to your scalp will trigger the scalp to produce more oils making hair greasy. Do not over comb or brush your hair to avoid this.
  • Wash your hair in warm water instead of hot or cold. Hot water most especially will trigger for even oilier hair. So when washing your hair make sure the water temperature is just right. Steaming hot water or freezing cold water will both be unhealthy for your hair and scalp.
  • Make sure you rinse out conditioners and shampoos well. Often times the shampoo or conditioner stuck to the strands of your hair and on your scalp causes grease. So every time you wash your hair, make sure you put added time onto rinsing. Rinsing your hair well will ensure that no shampoo or conditioner suds will be left to create grease.
  • Avoid styling products as much as you can. Mouse, gels, pomades, hair sprays, and the like will attract oil to the scalp area. These products are left on hair and scalp for long periods of time are often not washed off properly. Avoid these products to help your hair and scalp avoid grease as well.

Your hair and scalp need not be shiny in a negative manner with these winner solutions to avoid greasy hair. Keep your hair in good physical shape and your scalp healthy with these hair tips.

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