Winter Hair Care: How to Win the Cold Hair War!

Although the spring season is almost upon us we still have a few more days of frigid temperatures. During the cold days of winter, your hair enters into a battle. But most of the time, the hair is always on the losing end. Dry and cold weather give rise to frizz, static, brittle hair, flyaways and not to mention lackluster hair. It is quite understandable why many can’t wait to say goodbye to the winter season and say hello to the colorful and warmer days of spring time.

The Trouble with Winter

The trouble with winter is that this season comes with brutal effects on our hair. Outside, the gusty winds and freezing temperatures batter the hair mercilessly and when we seek refuge indoors, the heated conditions even do more battering and damage. Indoor heating dries out the hair and makes its cuticle weaker. The hair cuticle serves as a protective barrier and without it, the fibers of your hair start peeling and breaking.

The Good News

The good news is we only have to bear a few more days of wintry conditions. But, that is not the only good news we have. You can actually prevent or at least minimize winter hair damage with just a few adjustments on your hair care habits.

  • A Hat, Cap or Scarf – Use any of these to shield your hair from the chilly wind. Make sure that when you do wear a hat, cap or scarf, it is not too tight that it blocks scalp circulation.
  • Don’t Step Out with Wet Hair – You’ll end up with lots of hair breakage if you step outside with your hair still wet. So dry off first before heading out your door.
  • Don’t Wash Your Hair with Hot Water – Many of us are guilty of this. Nobody likes taking a cold shower especially during the cold season but this is no excuse to use hot water when bathing or showering. Set your water temperature to lukewarm or if you can bear the cold for a little bit wash your hair with cool water.
  • Cut Down Your Shampooing – If you are used to shampooing your hair often, you should cut it down to at least thrice in a week especially during the winter season. The cold days of winter dries out the scalp and shampooing too frequently can worsen the case.
  • Condition Your Hair Daily – If there is one thing that you should do daily during this season, it’s conditioning your hair. Use a leave-in conditioner to remedy dry and brittle hair. The Moroccan Argan oil is a great leave in conditioner. You can also use this oil to deep condition your hair at least twice in a week.
  • Avoid Using Hot Tools on Your Hair – It is best to towel dry your hair especially during winter. But do not rub your hair vigorously when drying. Just pat dry. If you can’t help using a blow dryer, set it on cool mode.

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