Women Love These Hairstyles for Men!

When it comes to hair cuts, most men just want a cut that looks good and is easy to maintain. Most men do not care about what’s the trendiest haircut or hair style. It is actually the women who care more about how men wear their hair and what style they are sporting.

Men’s Haircuts that Most Ladies Love

Zac Efron Haircut

If you’re the easy going, trendy or surfer kind of guy then the Zac Efron haircut may just be perfect for you. If you have a thick and straight head of hair then this cut suits your hair type best. If your locks have some wave in it, you can still pull this off. If your hair is thin, you’ll need a lot of help with hairstyling products to make this work.

Styling It!

You’ll need hair wax or the old school pomade. Rub a dollop about a quarter size in between your hands and run your hands through your locks. You’ll need to do this with your hair dry. Spike up your hair randomly with your fingers.

The Mentalist

Simon Baker just have this irresistible boyish charms with his golden locks. If you are a romantic-at-heart or trying to be one as well as a low-maintenance type of guy, then you can pull off this hair style. Of course, you’ll need to have wavy hair for this kind of cut. If you don’t have the curls then you can’t wear this cut. That’s just how it goes!

Styling It!

First off you’ll need to apply conditioner on your hair in your shower. Now, you’re ready to style your hair. All you need is a curl-defining cream. Just use as much as you need and run it through your locks while doing some twisting motion on a few strands of curls that surrounds the forehead. Just let your hair be until it dries.

Jake Gyllenhal

Many women go crazy about this fellow! In part, the craze over him can be because of his hair cut. The great news is Jake Gyllenhal’s haircut works for everyone. This cut is best for those Stock Exchange men, corporate men, business type of guy and even for laid back gentlemen. Whether you have thick or fine hair as long as it is straight, you’ll be able to pull this cut.

Styling It!
Because this cut is really short, you might not need any help from hair products. But if you want, you can use a gel, preferably the light-hold type then comb your clean cut hair to the side.

Care For Your Hair Whatever the Style


If you want your hair to be healthy, see to it that you care for it properly. No matter what style you are wearing, it is essential that your hair gets the nutrients it needs for healthy growth. Condition your hair with Moroccan Argan oil at least twice a week. The oil is loaded with vitamin E which helps repair, restore and renew damaged hair. It also comes with essential fatty acids which serves as nourishment for the hair therefore making the hair stronger. Vitamin E and other antioxidants protect the hair from the damaging effects of both internal and external factors.

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