Women With Gorgeous Skin Share Their Secrets!

If You Want To Attract Attention, Keep Your Skin Beautiful

If you want to learn, might as well learn from the best, right? I mean, will you consult a colleague who just got fired on how to get a promotion? No right? So when it comes to skin care, who would be the best people to approach (besides dermatologists)? That’s right! Those who have perfect skin! Yes ladies, there is such a thing so better make an effort now because perfection may just be 6 steps away.

  1. Exercise Regularly
    What better way to flush out toxins than sweat them out. Most women with perfect skin say working out makes them feel healthier and this state is reflected in their skin. Ever notice how you need not wear a blush-on when you’re working out? That’s because even without it, your face looks flushed and more alive already. That’s what exercising does. Also, working out is a great way to de-stress. And we all know what stress does to our skin.
  2. Stick to a Good Skin Care Routine
    This means that you have to cleanse, tone and moisturize twice a day. No matter how tired or how busy you are, these three steps should never be skipped. To make the effort worth it, use products that serve multiple functions. For instance, for your moisturizer, why not use oils like Argan oil. This miracle oil from Morocco will not only moisturize the skin, it will also help fight off aging. On top of these, the antioxidants in Argan oil will help protect your skin from environmental damage too.
  3. SPF Forever
    Why is it that women with already perfect skin hate UV rays more than those who have lots to improve on? Most women with perfect skin admit to playing hide and seek with the sun often. They say that if they can’t help going out, a wide brimmed hat is a must. They also follow the age old advice of reapplying their sunscreens every two hours. Wow! The commitment! That’s why their blessed with to-die-for skins.
  4. Eat Well
    Women with great skin couldn’t underscore this more…you look what you eat. So on top of their strict skin care habits, these women are strict when it comes to their diets too.
  5. Hydrate
    They don’t care whether you drink eight glasses a day or eat a number of water-rich foods often. What’s important they say is that you drink or eat water to keep the body hydrated!
  6. Barely There Make Up
    Barely-there make-up? These women literally rarely wear make-up. They say it clogs their pores so they prefer not to wear any most of the time!

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