Wonderful Ways to Help Your Child Beat Obesity

Obesity among children is growing in staggering numbers and children who are overweight are having more difficulty trying to lose the extra pounds. Also because of the increase in obesity among children, weight related health problems that used to only be common in adults are now seen in children. Health problems like type II diabetes and high cholesterol are now some of the problems being diagnosed in young adults and children. Obesity among our young generation then should be decreased and resolved. And the best way to do this is by starting at home.

Who should initiate the change?

Helping your child lose weight and fight obesity is a serious task and you as a parent should initiate the change. Being a good example to what you eat and prepare for daily meals will help your child understand the value of god, quality food versus fattening and non-nutritional food. Looking not just on the quality of food you feed them but also on the quantity. Often times, parents are at fault for preparing too much for the kids and forcing the kids to finish their food even when they are already full. Make proportioned meals only enough for each child.

Encourage your child to exercise.

This would mean having less computer and electronic game privileges and more outdoor games for the kids. Encourage your kids to play tennis, basketball, volleyball, to swim, or to dance. Physical activities that help them truly burn fat and excess energy will not only help them become leaner but also healthier.

Pick, prepare, and feed them nutritious foods.

This all begins in the grocery store. Usually you take your kids to the grocery with you and sure enough they point to or pull you to the junk food section. Talk to your kids. Tell them that the next trip to the grocery would be different. Explain to them why and what the effects of this change would be. For example, tell them that the next grocery trip would be a challenge to find healthy foods for the week. Encourage your kids and help them do their research on healthy foods. For good school work let them have 1 chocolate bar. Encourage them to buy healthy foods. Prepare healthy food by using healthy ingredients. Using less salt, sugar, and oils will help you keep the cholesterol down. Use argan oil for cooking and to add to various dishes. Although it is an oil, it is healthy and good for the whole body. Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, your kids will appreciate not just the taste but the health benefits as well.

Be supportive.

Above anything else, your love and 100% support is what your child needs. Encourage your child to eat healthy and to exercise. Encourage your child and support your child in every step of the weight loss process. Young as your child is, your support and guidance is needed.

Helping kids lose weight will not always be easy. But if you and your child and the rest of the family help each other, then anything is possible! Take off the weight while your child is young and before it is too late.

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