Wonderful Ways to Make Feet Smooth and Soft

A Healthy And Beautiful Feet Looks Great

Why is it so hard to keep feet moisturized? When the legs are dry, a good coating of lotion usually does the trick to make it smoother. The same goes with the arms and face. But for some weird way, the feet seem harder to moisturize and nourish. It seems that two, three, and even four layers of lotion are useless. Are the feet really harder to keep moisturized? The answer is yes if your feet have been neglected more than the rest of your body. It becomes hard to restore smoothness if it your feet are already excessively dry. Here are ways on how you can avoid this situation and be able to keep your feet smooth and soft.

Nutrition is important.

Ironically one way to help your skin retain its youthfulness, smoothness, and good appearance is by giving skin the proper vitamins and nutrients it needs. Eat healthy foods and add more vegetables to your diet. Aside from vegetables it is also important to add citrus into your diet by eating fruits and other foods high in vitamin C. Be conscious of what you eat and drink and have better skin all over your body including your feet.

Hydrate and moisturize.

Hydration is very important. Drink enough water daily. It would help if you lessen the soda, coffee, and the alcohol you drink in a day. Instead of drinking these, opt for water. If you’re the type of person who hates the bland taste of water squeeze a few drops of lemon on your water to get that unique taste. Aside from hydrating you should also moisturize. Use natural moisturizers for extreme dryness on your feet and for maintenance. One great natural moisturizer is argan oil. This oil is all natural and it has all the nutrients your feet need. A few drops of this oil massaged to your feet daily will keep your feet smooth and soft. How? Argan oil has moisture locking properties and it also has vitamins that nourish.

Massages are great.

Treat your feet to a wonderful and relaxing massage when you can. Use a gentle oil like argan oil and massage feet to help make blood circulation in feet better. You can do this before sleeping. After a long day outside where your feet nicely kept your company, repay your feet by massaging them before you sleep. Five minutes of massage would be enough.

Your socks and shoes.

These two things work wonders for your feet. During walking hours it would help your feet to retain moisture and become smooth and soft by wearing appropriate socks and shoes. Doing this will help you to avoid rough and ugly looking feet.

Regardless of the season but most especially during winter and summer, keeping your feet smooth and soft is often a challenge. Take a deep sigh of relief because it doesn’t have to be this way. Care for your feet the whole year through and never have a problem with rough feet any longer.

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