Wondering How You Can Use the Culinary Argan Oil?

Argan Oil Can Be Use Just About For Anything

After hearing or reading about the health benefits of the culinary Argan oil you finally bought yourself a bottle. So now, you start wondering how you are going to use this oil.

Argan Oil Has Been Morocco’s Secret for Centuries

For centuries, the Berber tribe of Morocco has kept the Argan oil a secret. This precious oil, now referred to as the liquid gold of Morocco had been used by the Berber tribe in their dishes. They also use the oil for medicinal, therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. Today, there are two types of the oil, the culinary type and the second one being the cosmetic type. They both have the same composition but the only difference is the method of extracting the oil from the Argan fruit nuts. The cosmetic Argan oil undergoes a cold-press processing while the culinary type involves roasting the Argan nuts before pressing. Roasting the Argan nuts is what gives the culinary Argan oil that powerful nutty aroma and taste.

Just Bought a Bottle of Culinary Argan Oil?

The culinary Argan oil may not be as popular as the cosmetic Argan oil, but it is starting to have a strong following. With many of world renowned chefs using this oil in their dishes, the nutty taste of this culinary oil is starting to get around and tickle the taste buds of diners.

The culinary Argan oil comes with an intense nutty taste and its price is on the high side. But with all its health benefits and the nutty kick it gives to dishes, the oil is worth buying. A number of people who buy a bottle of the culinary Argan oil for the first time are quite unsure of how to use this oil. The best thing to do is consider the oil as a flavoring ingredient. From here on you can let your imagination roam and for sure you can find a number of ways on how to incorporate this oil in your dishes.

But if you still do not have any idea how to use the oil, here are some ideas.

How to Use the Culinary Argan Oil

Fish Dishes and Culinary Argan Oil
You can use the culinary Argan oil on fish dishes. For fish stews, instead of using olive oil, substitute it with this oil. You can also drizzle a few drops of this nutty oil on grilled fish right before serving for that extra aroma.

Soups and Culinary Argan Oil
The culinary Argan oil is also great for soups. Drizzle about a tablespoon of the oil into your favorite soups right before serving for that nutty taste.

Culinary Argan Oil as Salad Dressing
Many of us are used to using olive oil in our salads as dressing. Well, perhaps it is time to try something new. This oil from Morocco is perfect for salads too.

Culinary Argan Oil for Dipping Breads
In Morocco, Argan oil has been traditionally used as dipping for breads. Their traditional bread dip is called amlou and usually made with toasted almonds, Argan oil, and honey.

Try out these suggestions and without a doubt, you’ll go nuts about the culinary Argan oil!

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