Workout Dos and Don’ts

Workout Is Great But Be Sure You Do It Right

Having a gorgeous body doesn’t always come easy. Despite months of trying, diets and workouts seem to be unhelpful for many. Some get frustrated and give up all together. Others lose hope and decide to revert back to an unhealthy lifestyle. Well the truth is, there are workout dos and don’ts that a lot of people neglect to look into for a better working exercise routine. Losing weight and staying healthy is a serious business and giving up is never the right answer. So read on and find out what you could be doing wrong and what you should be doing to achieve your health goals.

DO: Squats

Squats are one of the best exercises you can do for better looking hips, but, and thighs! Doing it correctly is the key. Stand with feet apart, bed the knees, and lower into a squat. Make sure you keep your knees behind your toes. While doing this, keep the torso upright and contracted. You may want to add intensity by holding weights at shoulder level or at your sides. Do squats for 12-16 repetitions and for 2-3 sets.

DON’T: Exercise on an empty stomach

During aerobic exercise the body burns a combination of both carbs and fat. It is impossible for the body to burn just body fat. So when you do your exercise routine in the morning and you haven’t eaten anything carbs aren’t ready for digestion so your body breaks down its own muscle. Skipping meals could mean that you could be breaking down your own muscle than making it. Don’t eat too much though. A small amount would suffice. If not a homemade smoothie made from frozen fruit and skim or soya milk will do the trick.

DO: Argan Oil

A health secret for many, argan oil works wonders for the body. Not only is it an excellent beauty product that prevents premature aging, argan oil is also a great health source. When added to salads and foods, argan oil can lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, make digestion more effective, and it can also provide your body with essential fatty acids and vitamins. Every diet and workout routine needs supplementation – why not go natural with argan oil?

DON’T: Drink a protein shake before your workout

Too much pre-workout protein can make your stomach hurt. Not only this, protein prevents the carbs you need to be absorbed and available for your muscles. This is because protein is digested a lot slower than carbs. It gets left behind and makes workouts less effective. To resolve this, eat lesser protein before a workout and more of it after your workout.

These simple yet effective dos and don’ts for your workout will help you attain your desired body weight in no time. Remember, patience is important in trying to lose weight. Even though the weighing scale doesn’t tip to the right numbers even after a few weeks, as long as you know you are living a healthier and better life, then the weighing scale doesn’t even matter. Keep on doing your routine!

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