Motivational Tips: You Can Defeat Your Negative Thoughts

Are you finding it hard to stay positive? You are not alone. With all the negativity surrounding us, whether it be from the media, work, the street, families or friends, it is very hard to keep your thoughts as well as your actions positive. But you can choose to stay positive in your thoughts and your actions.

The first thing you have to understand and is that there is nothing wrong with you when you think negatively or you are seeing things in a negative light. This is perfectly normal. We all have days when our energy or our outlook is just negative. But some of us dwell much on our negativity that we start frequently having negative thoughts and actions and a pattern starts to set in. So having negative thoughts and actions is perfectly normal but only to a certain extent. So once you have accepted that having negative thoughts up to a certain degree is just normal, you’ll have an easier time overcoming negativity.

So how do you defeat negativity? You should realize that there is not a single approach that works on everyone. But here are some tips that may help you overcome your negative thoughts.

Do a self-check. Has your negativity gone beyond the normal? Realizing and accepting this is the first step in defeating negative thoughts and actions.

You have the choice to not believe your negative thoughts. Think about the negative thoughts you have and ask yourself why you have to believe them to be true. Your negative thoughts can only have so much power over you if you allow them to. But once you disregard them or you start believing them to not be true, you’ll start having a better outlook.

You are in control. You can think of positive thoughts and do positive actions instead of the opposite. Your mind can have either positive thoughts or negative ones. So if you’re starting to think of negative thoughts and you’re starting to veer towards negative actions, don’t believe that you don’t have a choice. You do. You can choose to replace your negativity with positivity. You are the driver of your own life and you control what you think and what you do.

Find out where your negativity is coming from. A crucial step in combating negative thoughts and actions is by doing some introspection. Look at the bigger picture and try to find out how, why and what has triggered your negative state of mind. By doing this you will be ready to face and deal with your negativity once it is triggered. Being prepared means you’re already taking care of half the job.

Start visualizing a happy and positive you. This is a crucial key in overcoming negativity. You have to see yourself defeating your negative habits and starting to replace them with positive ones. You have to be consistent so that being positive becomes your new habit instead.

Remember that you can develop a habit in 3 weeks at the very least. If being negative has become your habit, try out these tips and apply them day in and day out and you can start becoming more positive.

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