You May be Surprised with these Nail Facts!

Nails Are Not Just What They Seem To Be

So you think you know much about your fingernails and toenails? Read on and check your nail knowledge. You might just be surprised with these nail facts!

Nail Facts

  • Nail Fact Number 1. Your fingernails actually grow faster than your toenails. On the average they grow three to four times faster compared to toenails.
  • Nail Fact Number 2. When it comes to thickness it is your toenails that takes the crown. They are about twice as thick as your fingernails.
  • Nail Fact Number 3. It is estimated that fingernails grow about 1/10 of an inch each month.
  • Nail Fact Number 4. Do you think your nails grow at the same rate? If you think yes, then you are mistaken. It is your middle finger that actually grows the fastest.
  • Nail Fact Number 5. Do you want to know which of your nails grow in the slowest manner? It is your thumb nail.
  • Nail Fact Number 6. Did you know that when you cut your nails in a regular basis, they acually grow faster compared to when you don’t cut them that often?
  • Nail Fact Number 7. When it comes to nail knowledge and nail care it can be said that women know more and better than men. But when it comes to nail growth it is the men who win the race. Yes! Men’s nails grow at a faster rate compared to women.
  • Nail Fact Number 8. The climate actually impacts the rate of nail growth. When you live in a place with a warmer climate your nails grow at a faster rate compared to when you are in a colder climate.
  • Nail Fact Number 9. Nails grow day and night but it is during daytime that nails grow faster.
  • Nail Fact Number 10. Age also affects the rate of nail growth. It is the younger ones which have faster nail growth compared to older people.
  • Nail Fact Number 11. Do you think that when a woman gets pregnant, their nails will grow faster? If your answer is yes, then you are absolutely right. Pregnancy can actually make nail growth faster. If you’re thinking that prenatal vitamins cause the spike in nail growth in pregnant women, you are mistaken.
  • Nail Fact Number 12. Did you know that your nails and your crowning glory are made up of the same thing? Yes, they are! Both hair and nails are made up of a protein called keratin.
  • Nail Fact Number 13. It is true that fingernails grow at a faster rate on your dominant hand.
  • Nail Fact Number 14. Did you know that there are things that can trigger faster nail growth? Typing on your computer, lightly tapping your nails on a surface and a nail massage can actually make them grow faster.
  • Nail Fact Number 15. Your nails can actually tell you a lot about your overall health. They actually give telltale signs of undiagnosed or underlying health problems.
  • Nail Fact Number 16. Do you know why hangnails are painful? This is because when you have a hangnail the edge of your nail root have been ripped open.

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