You’ll Never Botch a DIY Manicure with these Tips!

When you want to pamper yourself with a manicure without shelling out money you can do your manicure right at home. Think you can’t pull off a mani with a pro look? Think again! Sure you can! You just need to know the proper steps and we are here to spill them out for you!

DIY Manicure Steps

  • Get those nails in shape! An emery board would be better to use than a metal file in shaping your nails. Remember to file in one-way strokes. Start from the corner and file away towards the middle until you arrive at your desired length. Fight the urge to saw your nails when filing as this sawing motion actually makes your nails weak.
  • Start cleaning your hands and nails. You’ll need a nail brush to clean the area around the cuticle and don’t skip cleaning the area under the nails. If you have old nail polish still lingering, use a nail polish remover to get rid of it.
  • Soak your nails in Argan oil. For this step you’ll need a few drops of Argan oil and few drops of lemon mixed in warm water. The Argan oil is loaded with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids which would help strengthen the nails and moisturise the cuticles. The oil also helps in ensuring healthy nail growth. After a 15-minute soak, make sure that you dry your hands and nails thoroughly.
  • Push back your cuticles gently. You’ll need an orange stick for this step. Remember to be cautious and be gentle when pushing back your cuticles. Push only to reveal the half moon area of your nails.
  • Time for the base coat. Applying a base coat is important as this would prevent your nails from getting stained. The clear base coat would also make way for a smooth application of the next coat of polish. Remember to do the base application on a flat surface.
  • Time for the coloured layer of polish. Start in the middle of your nail and apply your preferred colour of polish with just a single brush stroke. Then move on to doing single brush strokes on each side.
  • Second coating. Wait for the polish to dry up completely. This will take just a few minutes so you’ll need to have a little patience. Once it has completely dried up, move on to your second coating using the same stroke.
  • Top it up with a clear coat! Wait for the second coat to dry up completely and then apply the top clear coat. The top clear coat would help seal in the polish making your mani last longer.
  • Moisturise! As a finishing touch, moisturise the hands and your cuticles. A great moisturise to use is the Argan oil!

With just these simple steps, you would be able to pull off a manicure just like the pros of nail salons! The best thing about it is it would’t cost you as much!

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