Your Bad Habits is Doing Harm to Your Skin

When you hit the age of 20 you feel that sense of being grown up. Of course you are no longer a teenager and by this time probably living on your own attending college or working or doing both. You are ready to conquer the world and start out your future.

With your future bright and radiant you should see to it that your skin is as well healthy and glowing. For you to keep your skin as healthy and radiant as your future you should know how to properly care for your skin.
So how do you keep your skin healthy and beautiful with all the stress and elements your skin is exposed to everyday? Here are some tips that you should follow.

The key to beautiful and glowing skin is a healthy lifestyle. It’s time to ditch your bad habits and start living a healthier lifestyle. Here are the top 3 bad habits of women in their 20’s. These bad habits can harm your skin so it is better that you start tossing out these bad habits out the window.

  1. Stop drinking alcohol like a drunken master. It is common for women in their 20’s to start partying and they do party really hard. Parties and alcohol are always a part of the college life. If you care about your skin don’t party too hard or drink too many. Alcohol actually aids in skin aging. Your complexion will also start looking grey and dry. By going easy on alcohol not only do you keep your skin beautiful you are as well saving your health and ultimately your life. Many people have died from liver cirrhosis and other liver related diseases caused by too much alcohol consumption. Many lives have been ruined because of alcoholism. You should quit while it’s still early.
  2. Do your best to quit smoking. Smoking cigarettes actually cause your skin to age prematurely. You don’t want to start looking like you are already well in your 30’s when in fact you are just in your 20’s. Did you know that smoking actually will lead to a cut down on blood flow to your body? This means that oxygen will not be able to reach your skin. As a result your skin dries out. Smoking also destroys your skin’s collagen and robs the body of important nutrients such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C. With the destruction of collagen sped up by smoking you will start developing wrinkles and fine lines. Your complexion will be somewhat like ashen or pale due to smoking plus you will start carrying that haggard look.
  3. Quit the tanning beds.Tanning is something that you might enjoy doing as you love seeing your skin have that rich tanned colour. Tanning may be popular to most women especially celebrities but did you know that tanning beds and of course letting yourself bake under the sun causes skin cancer. Tanning also results to sunspots and wrinkles.

If you want to keep your skin healthy moisturise using Argan oil. Argan oil has components that also fight skin aging and stimulates skin cell repair and regeneration. You should never forget to apply sunscreen lotion every time you go out of your house and wash your face twice a day.

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