Your Beauty Products May Be Causing Your Skin to Age!

It’s true that there are still some of us who desperately seek the fountain of eternal youth. Although we really can not stay young forever most of us are happy with the thought of at least delaying aging and the signs of aging manifested mostly on the skin.

We have numerous anti-aging products out in the market. But did you know that some of these products instead of delaying aging are actually causing it? Some so called anti-aging products are actually speeding up the aging process of the skin. Definitely you would want to avoid such products.

We have been taught that one way to keep the skin youthful is to keep it moisturised. This is definitely true. But some moisturisers are actually culprits of skin ageing. It is time to start checking your beauty products for ingredients that can actually cause skin ageing and worse harm the body.

Two Ingredients in Beauty Products that Cause Skin Ageing

Mineral Oil

Tons of moisturisers out in the market today contain mineral oil. You’d usually find them in beauty products that aim to moisturise. But mineral oil is something that you should be avoiding. Why so? John Hopkins University actually named mineral oil as a culprit of skin ageing, taking the number two spot just after the top leading cause which is sun exposure . It is also known to clog pores and cause allergies.

The U.S. Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances also gave mineral oil a classification of being carcinogenic and tumorigenic. What is meant by carcinogenic? What about tumorigenic? Carcinogenic is any substance or an agent that directly plays a role in causing cancer while tumorigenic means capable of producing tumors. Certainly you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with any substance having such effects.


Just like mineral oil, petrolatum is commonly found in lotions, lip balms, lipsticks and anything that claims to moisturise. Many consumers have been slathering petroleum jelly on their skin to keep it moisturised. Some of us apply it on our lips, for removing make-up, for keeping the soles of the feet soft and moisturised etc. If you are among these people who use petroleum jelly on your skin, it’s better that you stop now. Petrolatum and petroleum by-products actually can cause serious health risks. Petrolatum has been included in the list of the European Union’s Dangerous Substances Directive as a probable human carcinogen.

How Mineral Oil and Petrolatum Cause Skin Aging

Mineral oil and petroleum by-products block the pores of the skin as they act like plastic sitting on top of the skin’s surface. When the skin’s pores are blocked, the skin’s ability to release toxins is hindered as well. Therefore the process of skin ageing is sped up.

When you want to keep your skin healthy and youthful you should be wary of the ingredients in the skin care products you use. It’s best to use natural products with nothing but natural and safe ingredients like the Moroccan Argan oil. This oil helps delay skin aging with its Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, Ferulic acid, Polyphenols and Carotenoids. Argan oil doesn’t include mineral oil, petrolatum, petroleum by-products and other harmful chemical ingredients.

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