Your Everyday Solution for Lovely, Healthy Nails

Who would want to have unattractive nails? Probably no one. Even men are now conscious about their nails and how nails look like. And women, women are obsessed with how nails appear. This is the reason why more and more nail products are out in the market. This is the reason why more and more nail salons are sprouting. This is the reason why articles and blogs such as this are important.

Read on and find out everyday solutions for lovely and healthy nails!


  • Use nails correctly – if you’d like your nails to stay beautiful, avoid using it as a tool. Nails were not created to pick apart and pry open things as these could break and make your nails weak. Instead of using your nails as tools, make a mental note to always protect your nails from damage and to get yourself the right tools in the hardware store.
  • Don’t be a dog – dogs bite. Puppies most especially as they bite for play when young. Well since you’re not a dog, it is best for your not to bite your nails and your cuticles. Biting the cuticle and nails damage both the nails and the nail bed causing nails to grow imperfectly.
  • Be specific with the tools – if you often go to nails salons to have your nails done, make sure the tools they use are clean and sanitized. It is often that nail infections and problems would be passed on through unclean manicure tools. If you can, bring your own manicure set to the salon and ask the attendant to use what you brought.
  • Feed your nails – what you eat is what appears on your nails. If you would want strong, lovely, and healthy nails, you have to feed them appropriately. A lot of zinc, calcium, protein, and vitamin E are needed for lovely nails. Fruits, vegetables, eggs, nuts, fish, apples, brown rice, and whole grains are good for your nails. If you know you’re not getting these nutrients to your nails, opt for argan oil to keep nails healthy. Argan oil has all the necessary nutrition your nails need to stay healthy, strong, and beautiful.
  • Good diet – love it or hate it, you need to lessen your consumption of saturated fats, sugar, and alcohol to help make your nails lovely.
  • Moisturize your nails – moisturizing nails would mean drinking enough water every day. It would also mean using moisturizers on your nails like argan oil to keep nails hydrated all day through. This would also mean to lessen and avoid using acetone to clean your nails as acetone dries out the nails. If you absolutely cannot avoid using acetone, do not use it more than twice a month. Use a small amount and never drench your nails with acetone.

These everyday solutions will definitely help keep your nails beautiful all year through. Not only this, your nails will also become healthier, a lot stronger, and durable.

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