Your Hair’s Worst Enemies this Springtime

Springtime Is The Season To Prepare For Summer

Gardens bloom and colours fill the Earth when springtime comes. With temperatures averaging 70 degrees, the world is warmer and more comforting. But the spring season also brings unwelcome surprises such as frizzy hair and very rampant flyaways.

The spring season can bring chaos to your hair! So from February to May
can you do away with a messy hair? Here are some of your worst enemies during the season of blooms.

Hair’s Worst Enemies During Springtime

  • Humidity – The springtime’s humid conditions can leave your hair flat. No matter how hard you try styling your hair, the humid conditions can swat your hair flat! When spring hits, it is best to let your natural hair be and stay away from forcing your locks to be in its unnatural style and state. There are hair dos and styles that embraces the natural texture of hair no matter what it may be. For example, those with curly hair should embrace their curls and those with straight hair but humidity curls it up, loose and light curls can be adopted. Do not fight the effects of humidity on your hair. Follow the “If you can’t beat them join them” thinking.
  • Strong Winds – William Shakespeare once wrote “rough winds do shake the darling buds of May” but he forgot to mention that these winds can create havoc in your hair making them flyaway. With strong winds relentlessly blowing on your hair the result is a static-ish hair do. Those who naturally have coarse hair would get a tougher beating from the rough winds as their hair has rougher cuticles which means that the winds will have something to latch on to. During this season, it is best to wear hair accessories such as headbands, clips and ponytails.
  • The Ever Changing Moisture Level – We are almost done with April and we are ever grateful for the showers that bring out May flowers but these showers affect the moisture levels in the air. Since our hair tries to soak in moisture from the atmosphere, the inconsistency of moisture levels in the air can result to frizzy hair! Blowdrying your hair can make matters worse so it is best to stick with blotting yout hair dry with a towel. Don’t rub the towel against your hair as this would produce friction which would lead to hair breakage and eventually to the dreaded hair frizz.
  • Heat – There is much to rejoice about the temperate weather during sping but this can create chaos to our hair. How so? Well, the answer is the heat. Hot air opens our hair cuticles which means split ends, hair breakage and dull hair. It is best to blow dry your hair on a cool setting so that the cool air closes the hair cuticles.

Beating Your Hair’s Worst Enemies in Spring

You can keep your hair healthy, luscious and well tamed all throughout the spring season
with the help of the Moroccan Argan oil. This oil can tame a crowning glory gone wild. Your tresses will be smooth once again with regular use making your hair manageable. This oil is packed with Vitamin E which makes it a potent moisturiser and a hair treatment agent. Vitamin E effectively repair, renew and rejuvenate damaged cellular membranes of your locks. With its essential fatty acids, hair is strengthened and split ends are healed!

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