Your Nails Can Suffer During Winter Time

Your Nails Should Be Properly Cared For

The winter season can be cruel to your nails. The most common way to prevent the cold season wreaking havoc on your nails is by slipping on a pair of mittens. Yes, your pair of mittens does not just simply protect your hands from the biting cold, your nails are also protected.

Besides wearing mittens there are still other ways on how you can protect your nails from the ravaging effects of the cold season. If your nails have been suffering badly from the past winter season, it is time to take arms and winterproof your nails.

The Winter Season and Your Nails

Because there is much moisture loss during the winter season your nails are more prone to damage during this time. Did you know that for nails to be healthy, it need to have at least an average of 18% water content? During the winter season, we shuffle through hot and dry air indoors then freezing temperatures when we go outside. This exposure to 2 extreme temperatures rob our nails of its needed moisture.

If nails are dehydrated they are more prone to breakage, splitting and chipping. During this time as well most of us would soak in hot baths or indulge in hot showers which rob the nails of its moisture as the hot water evaporates. Dish washing soaps, detergents, sanitizers with alcohol content and nail polish removers also dry out the nails.

Protecting the Nails

To effectively protect the nails during the winter season you would need to hydrate and hydrate your nails. Flattened dead cells that have keratin are what compose your nails but they can be made more flexible with
moisturisers. The more flexible and supple your nails are, the less likely will they be damaged, split or broken.

You probably apply hand cream to your hands. What you should do is lather on some of the hand cream to your
nails as well. This would moisturise your nails and keep them well hydrated. You should apply moisturiser after every time you wash your hands.

Argan Oil and Your Nails

A very potent moisturiser for your nails is the Argan oil. Argan oil contains essential nutrients such as Vitamin E and has a powerful moisturising properties.You can apply the oil to your nails before going to bed and leave them on over night. This oil from Morocco can also be used on your skin to keep your skin healthy. moisturised, young, fresh and vibrant.

You can also come up with your own intensive nail treatment with this oil. Just soak your nails for about ten minutes in lukewarm water and after patting dry your nails, apply a coat of the Moroccan oil on each of your cuticle. Slip on a pair of cotton gloves for your nails to absorb the oil better. Leave the oil on your nails for about an hour.

Enjoy the Winter Season without Worrying about Your Nails

With these tips in mind, you can now enjoy the cold season without suffering from craggy nails. Have fun with snowball fights, hot chocolate drinks and cuddling with your loved one this winter time!

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