Your Skin in Your Thirties

If there is one thing that you should expect in life it is every now and then, you are going to be thrown a curve ball every now and then and usually it is when you least expect it.

Almost everyone would say that your thirties are meant to be the best years of your life. For many women, thirties is usually the time when they have finally learned how to handle their relationships, they are right on track with their careers, and they have a great shoe collection to top it all. In other words, women in their thirties usually have gotten their act together. Life is finally kinder but as soon as you start thinking everything is going great, life plays a joke on you and the joke is directed on your appearance.

During your thirties your appearance starts to change and for most people, this change is not for the better. Deep wrinkles start invading your skin and your crinkles transform into a full-on crow’s feet. Acne which you were happy to part with after your high school days may come back to haunt you once again or if you are a few of the lucky ones who never had acne back in your teens may start having them for the very first time. All those carefree days you spent lounging under the intense heat of the summer sun are now giving you brown spots and sagging skin. You do get the picture and for sure you aren’t too happy about it.

So what causes these changes in your appearance? Hormones can be the culprit. At the age of 30 is when most hormonal changes occur. A woman’s body is designed to bear children from teens to twenties and when we hit the big 30, our reproductive hormone levels start to dwindle down. This change in hormonal levels can result to a host of maladies such as hair loss and skin issues. By the time we hit the age of 30, the human growth hormone or HGH starts to dwindle too. The result is cells do not turn over as quickly as before which in turn decreases collagen production. On the outside this translates to dull and slack skin.

If in your twenties you loved lounging on a beach chair while having a glass of your favorite alcoholic drink in one hand and a stick of cigarette on another, they will all come back to haunt you when you reach your thirties and unfortunately, they will settle on your face. It is natural for someone in their thirties to see changes in their appearance because of hormonal changes but for those who have been lounging for too long under the sun, drinking alcohol heavily, smoking and eating unhealthily, the consequences are going to be far worse.

So if you want to keep your good looks all throughout your thirties and even beyond, throw out your vices, avoid prolonged sun exposure, always wear sun protection, properly care for your skin and eat a healthy diet.

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