DIY Argan Yogurt Tightening Mask

Hair Mask
There are numerous beauty masks that you can buy or have applied to your face at salons and spas. Have you wondered if these masks are even effective on your skin? It’s true that many over-the-counter products simply moisturize your face, but you have a solution with a homemade mask. Explore the world of argan oil and its many benefits when used in a beauty-mask mixture. With yogurt and other natural ingredients, your face will glow like you’re a teenager once again.

1. Mask Making At Home

Why should you make the effort to create a mask at home? Motivate yourself by reading the ingredients on a standard mask found in local stores. Most of those ingredients are long, chemical descriptions that are unfamiliar. Making your mask at home ensures that you know what’s inside the mixture. In many cases, you already have many of the ingredients in the house. These components can be picked for their anti-aging power instead of basic exfoliating or hydrating benefits. You want a mask that will turn back time with natural ingredients leading the way.

2. Get To Know The Ingredients

Your mask is simple yet complex with these specific ingredients, such as:
  • Rose water
  • Greek yogurt
  • Raw, organic honey
  • Argan oil
With four different vitamins, rose water offers anti-aging properties. It nourishes your skin as it kills off bacteria and calms inflamed tissues. In contrast, yogurt brings probiotics to the mixture. These cultures balance your skin’s oily and dry components while fighting off fine lines and scarring. Honey is a key moisturizer for this mask as it works directly with your skin’s chemistry to pull moisture to the necessary tissues. A few drops of argan oil completes this mask. This oil absorbs and moisturizes the skin as it encourages new cell growth in the meantime. There Are Many Anti-Aging Solutions In The Market But Not All Of Them Are Effective

3. Mix Up The Recipe

You’ll need the proper ingredient ratios for the mask to work. In a mixing bowl, add these items, including:
  • 1 teaspoon rose water
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 heaping spoon Greek yogurt
Gently rub this mixture onto your face, and allow it to remain in place for about 15 minutes. Remove it with cool water. Place three drops of argan oil into your hands, and spread this ingredient onto your bare face. Leave the oil on your face as it absorbs over several minutes.

4. The Anti-Aging Results

Notice skin differences almost immediately after your facial session. The skin is more supple with a glow to its surface. These tissues are hydrated and nourished with nutrients that only encourages a youthful appearance. As the skin’s moisture levels balance out, the body focuses on repairing other areas. Wrinkles and fine lines may fade with each mask session. Honey, in particular, offers antioxidant properties that can help your body fight off daily elements that are damaging to the skin. Weather, pollution and sunlight are just a few elements that can be fought off with a regular mask session.

Try argan oil today. Make this mask, and share your stories with others in the comment section below. It only takes a few minutes to create your mask and wear it. Make this mask once a week so that you can see the difference in your skin’s tone.

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