Will Argan Oil Work for Oily Skin Type?

If You Want To Have A Fair Skin, You Must Know How To Treat It Well
Has somebody ever told you that they can start frying eggs on your face or that they have to turn away when they look at you as they are blinded by your shiny face? Welcome to my world! I often receive such comments from my good friends, some random stranger (although, I just hear them whispering such remark to their companions) and my loving family. Although, we (I’m talking to fellows who have the same oily skin type as I do) get used to such remarks in time, they do get to us still most of the time or sometimes. On top of having the oily skin type, I suffer from acne breakouts. Oily skin type is prone to acne, pimnples and blemishes because of the fact that pores of the skin get clogged more easily and often. The oil on the skin attracts more grime and dirt. Also the sebum is a source of nutrition for the bacterium (I forgot the name) that causes acne.

My Past Oily Mistakes

  • Since I have a very oily face, I wash my skin more than twice a day. I recently learned that this is a mistake as the more you wash off the oil from your skin, the more your sebaceous glands will compensate and produce more oil. The sebum or oil that the glands produce serve as the skin’s protection therefore naturally, if you keep on washing away the oil, the glands will counter this with overproduction of sebum. With lesson learned, I only wash my face twice a day.
  • Since my skin type is oily I thought that it would be best to stick with cleansers that would dry out my skin.Just like my overwashing mistake, the result is the skin or rather my sebaceous glands started producing more oil to counteract the drying of the skin.
These are just 2 of my skin care mishaps. If I list all of them down here, it might take me more than 2 pages to do so.

Moroccan Argan Oil for Oily Skin

I have been reading and hearing about the Moroccan Argan oil and how it greatly benefits all skin types. Of course, I was a bit hesitant to try the oil at first. My skin is already oily so why should I add more oil to it. But my boss gave me a bottle of the Moroccan Argan oil. With a free bottle of the oil at home, I tried applying it on my skin. At first, I used it once at night then gradually twice a day. And I did start noticing changes. My oil is not too oily anymore and my acne scars are lightening. My face have cleared up and I only have one (or two) tiny acne appearing every now and then. I found out that this oil actually regulates sebum production bringing it to a manageable level. It is also loaded with Vitamin E, unsaturated essential fatty acids, Carotenoids, Sterolins and other natural antioxidants. They give protection and nourishment to the skin. My only mistake is that I don’t regularly apply the oil as I sometimes get too lazy. I am working on correcting this mistake!

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