Argan Oil Works Well with Hair Coloring

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One of the tell-tale signs that you have gone one step too far with color is that your hair starts to break. If you use box color or head to the salon every month, you probably already have some damage that needs healing.

There is a way to save your hair, and it starts with argan oil for hair (aka moroccan oil).

This guide gives you some insight into why this oil has a healing power for damaged hair and how you can use it to rejuvenate your strands.

Is Argan Oil Good for Colored Hair?

Yes, absolutely!

Coloring makes hair beautiful and fun-looking, but it creates hair problems like dryness, frizz, split ends, and even dandruff.

That’s why it’s so important to take care of your hair when you decide to color it.

While there are many post-processing treatments that moisturize hair, argan oil is simply the best.

Argan oil, Liquid Gold for Colored Hair

People have been discovering the benefits of argan oil for over a century.

It’s actually called “liquid gold” in the hair care industry because of its color and how it nourishes hair with vitamin E.

In fact, argan oil acts a little bit like the Fountain of Youth for your hair.

Since it’s quickly absorbed into hair follicles, one treatment of argan oil can restore your hair’s luster, smoothing out frizzy strands and making it silkier than ever even when you have a color-treated hair.

One of the main issues with hair coloring is that the process requires oxidative dyes.

This stresses your hair, causing damage little by little, and when done excessively or even incorrectly, your hair suffers the price.

Vitamin E, fatty acids, and other ingredients in argan oil products can protect and heal your hair, making it one of the easiest ways to strengthen and refresh your hair after a color treatment.

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Pros and Cons of Hair Coloring

In a world of natural colors, sometimes we want to try something different.

That’s the biggest benefit of hair color treatments. However, going from black to platinum blonde can truly change our hair.

So is hair coloring really beneficial?

Well, if you have a top-notch stylist, your hair probably looks amazing after you leave the salon.

That’s because there are many benefits to hair coloring. When done safely, coloring your hair has some amazing results.

Pros of Hair Coloring

  • Totally change your look to match what you want
  • More thickness at the hair shaft
  • Adds a vibrant shine
  • Customize your hairstyle with highlights or a balayage treatment

Cons of Hair Coloring

  • Breaks down hair follicles
  • Some dyes contain harmful chemicals like PPDs
  • Too much coloring leads to destruction of hair follicles
  • Dries out hair over time
  • Causes allergic reactions and disastrous results when done incorrectly

Safest Way to Color Your Hair

Is coloring your hair really that bad?

It really depends on the hair dye and stylist’s expertise.

If you do your color at home, you may use a cheap product or skip a step in the instructions.

While doing this once probably won’t completely destroy your hair, it can certainly feel that way at first, which is why people turn to post-hair color treatments like argan oil.

Here are some tips for the safest hair color experience:

  • Check hair dye ingredients or ask the salon before scheduling an appointment about the brands and chemicals in their dyes
  • Never use hair dyes with para-phenylenediamine aka PPDs
  • Natural, organic dyes are best for protecting hair, but some chemicals may be necessary to get a vibrant, permanent hair color, such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia
  • Try ammonia-free, more natural dyes for semi-permanent hair color instead
  • Wait longer in between hair coloring
  • Get highlights instead of color processing to avoid hair damage
  • Use argan oil before and after hair coloring to heal and protect your hair from damage
  • Create a natural argan oil hair mask and apply each week to keep hair lustrous and healthy

It may seem strange that we color our hair knowing that there are long-term effects to our follicles, but many individuals have been color treating their hair for years.

Their hair still looks silky and smooth.

What’s the secret? Hairstylists have been recommending and using argan oil products for decades.

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Benefits of Argan Oil on Colored Hair Before Coloring

Besides restoring your hair’s integrity, argan oil has a few other benefits for dry, damaged, color-treated hair.

For example, using argan oil before a color treatment can actually strengthen and prepare your hair.

Dyed hair also needs special attention for color and tint preservation.

With argan oil, you can prevent deterioration and further damage from hair dye just by doing a deep wash before your color appointment or applying hair dye at home.

Apply Argan Oil Before Hair Coloring

Hair stylists offer this tip to those who can’t live without color.

To keep your hair shiny and healthy, you can apply a few drops of argan oil to your hair.

Since it’s rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, argan oil can also help with dandruff, irritation, and other scalp agitations.

One of the reasons argan oil works so well as a pre-treatment is because it prevents inflammation and moisturizes your scalp.

Here you can read more on argan oil for scalp treatments

There are multiple ways to apply argan oil, such as shampoos or creams, but it’s always to use a product where argan oil is the main ingredient.

Hair Dye with Argan Oil: Protect During the Process

Moroccan women have known about argan oil hair dye for a long time. No wonder these women have the most gorgeous hair!

When combined with hair color treatments, argan oil truly helps hair shine and stay smooth, even when multiple color processing treatments are necessary to reach a silky platinum color.

There are all kinds of processing products made with argan oil including hair dyes, glossing creams, touch-up color for greys, and even high-lift blonde treatments.

Aftercare Treatment

Once you get your hair colored, you probably won’t wash your hair for a week.

Applying an argan oil hair mask or using an argan oil shampoo after this waiting period can help your hair rejuvenate and return to its silky texture.

In addition, argan oil can preserve your hair color and make it last longer.

Moroccan women also use argan oil daily to maintain brightness and smoothness for days after washing color-treated hair.

Argan Oil for Color-Treated Hair: Should You Use It?

Now more than ever, you have to protect your hair.

While there are many products out there claiming to do just that, many of them just contain harsh chemical ingredients that strip your hair and make you dependent on them for hair shine.

However, argan oil is a natural oil that you can use before and after your hair coloring process.

The oil has plenty of hair benefits that can make your colored hair look healthy even after treatment.

With these benefits in mind, there is nothing but positives to starting an argan oil hair mask regimen.

It can truly save your colored hair!