Artificial Names Can Add A Lot Of Beauty To Our Fingers

Artificial Nails: Acrylic, Gel and Silk

Many people turn to artificial nails for many a reason. Artificial nails give you fabulous nails in an instant. So if you have been having a hard time growing and styling your nails or if you need an emergency fabulous nails for a special occasion pronto, then artificial nails is your rescue. Artificial nails come in different forms. The most popular ones are gel, acrylic and silk. Most that opt for gels and acrylics are usually those who want to wear their fabulous artificial nails for a longer time. Silk nails on the other hand are mostly used by those who want to make their nail tips stronger or repair trauma to the nails.

Acrylic Nails

How is acrylic nails applied to your normal nails? Although the process seems easy, it is always best to have a professional nail technician take care of this for you. A liquid and powder are mixed and then this mixture is brushed onto the nails. The normal nails are usually covered entirely with the mixture however there are times when tips are just added or a flexible form that can be sculpted for the nails to be extended. Once exposed to air, the product starts to harden. You should make sure that when applying acrylic nails you do it in a well-ventilated room as a strong odor can come about when you’re applying them even though this strong odor is not harmful. Acrylic Nail Care When you use acrylics, you’ll have to return to your nail technician every after 2 or 3 weeks to have your nails filled in. This is because the acrylics grow out with your normal nails after a time. The acrylic edges closest to the nail bed will be filed then the empty space between the nail bed and the acrylic nail will then be filled in. Removal of acrylic nails is easy but it is best to have this done by a professional. The nails are soaked for 15 minutes in nail polish remover so they easily come off with no forceful prying necessary.

Gel Nails

Gel nails are brushed onto the nails, nail tips to add length. After each of your nails is coated, they will then be put under UV light for about 2 minutes so that the product hardens. You’ll find that gels have a higher price than acrylics but their color may last longer and without chipping. Gel Nail Care Just like acrylics, gels grow out with your natural nails therefore a trip to the nail salon every 2 -3 weeks is in order for them to be filed and filled in. Removal of gel nails will also entail soaking them in nail polish remover.

Silk Nails

Silk nails are fabric wraps glued on to the nails. They are meant to strengthen weak nails or aid a cracked nail to grow out. Not all silk nails are made of silk. Some are made of linen, paper, or fiberglass. Silk nails are meant for temporary use so within 2 – 3 weeks the adhesives can start to loosen up.


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